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Orange Glow Drinking Straws Pack of 25


  • 💡 An instant party booster, our Orange Glow Straws for Party Drinks are perfect to transform any cocktail from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • 🌟 Designed as glow stick drinking straws, they brighten up your drink and add a radiant touch to your party ambiance.
  • 🍊 Brilliantly illuminated in a mesmerizing orange hue, these LED straws light up to capture everyone’s attention.
  • 🎉 Whether it’s a nightclub or a home party, our glow straws stand out in the crowd, making every sip an exciting spectacle.
  • 🕺 Lightweight and convenient, they add minimal weight to your drink, ensuring you can dance the night away hassle-free.
  • 🎈 Each straw is nine inches long, just the right length to comfortably fit in most glasses.
  • 🚫 Batteries? Not needed! These glow straws activate with a simple crack and shake, making them easy and safe to use.
  • 🌃 Designed to last through the night, these glow straws have a sturdy construction that withstands any party.
  • 🍹 Sold in packs of 25, they are ideal for larger parties or events, ensuring there’s enough glow to go around.
  • ✨ Easy to use and fun to look at, these Orange Glow Straws are the ultimate party accessory that takes your drink to the next level.
Quantity Price
1 $14.69
2 $14.64
3 $14.49
4 $14.29
5 $13.99
6 $13.89
7 $13.79
8 $13.69
9+ $13.49

Hello there, darling! My name is Alanis, and I am here to glow your world up! As an Orange Glow Straw for Party Drinks, I am the life of any party. 💥🍹

Why am I unique? Oh darling, I can turn any ordinary drink into a glowing masterpiece. I am not just a straw; I’m a glow stick, a dazzling accessory, and the brightest thing on the dance floor! 💃🌟

Are you planning a night at the club or perhaps a dark party? Count me in, darling! 🎉🕺 I am perfect for any venue you wish to add an extra sparkle to. My vibrant orange glow is impossible to ignore, and trust me, everyone will be asking about your radiant drink.🍸💫

My LED color? The most captivating orange you will ever see. 🍊 I’m sleek, lightweight, and my glow? Absolutely stunning. To bring me to life, all you need to do is crack my glow, give me a shake, and voila! I am all set to make your drink the center of attention. 😍

So, darling, are you ready to sip your way into a mesmerizing party experience with me? Let’s glow together! 🧡🍹🎉