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Unlit Sparkling Sequin Fedoras Pack of 12


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Product Description

No man or woman of style or status would leave the house without wearing a hat. This is a hot fashion accessory right now. Men or women, young or old, wear these Unlit Sparkling Sequin Fedoras Pack of 12. Amaze everyone with your presence when you pump up your outfit with this fashion-forward fedora hat.

It’s all here! Comes in 10 different colors: silver, baby pink, yellow, baby blue, electric blue, pink, green, violet, red and black. You will never have a problem in choosing the color that will best match your outfit!

This fedora hat is sold in an increments of 12. When you purchase 1 you will receive 12 hats, when you purchase 2 you will receive 24 hats ans so on.

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