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Unlit Up Green Shot Glass on Green Beaded Necklaces for Mardi Gras


🌟 Spark the fun without batteries—this green shot glass necklace keeps the party environmentally friendly and effortlessly lit!

📐 Perfectly proportioned, the shot glass measures 1.85″ x 2.15″, making it a snug fit for a quick sip of your festive spirits.

🍀 Stretching at a majestic 31 inches, the green beaded necklace ensures your shot glass is always close to your heart… and mouth.

🥃 Savor the moment with a 1.5 oz volume, ideal for toasting to good times without overindulging.

💚 Skip the flash; this shot glass necklace boasts a natural allure with its vibrant green beads and matching glass—no light-up needed.

🎭 Embrace the Mardi Gras spirit any day with this accessory, designed to celebrate without the need for flashy, high-tech features.

🎉 Party-ready and practical, this shot glass necklace is the quintessential piece for holidays, birthdays, and bachelorette parties.

🚫 Say goodbye to the hassle of changing batteries. This shot glass necklace is all about the good times, no power button required.

🌃 Whether it’s a night out or a home celebration, this non-lighting shot glass necklace adds a touch of cheer without stealing the show.

🎁 Packaged for convenience, it’s the ultimate gift for your green-loving friends who appreciate a touch of quirkiness in their drinkware.

Quantity Price
1-2 $0.99
3-5 $0.97
6-11 $0.94
12-71 $0.92
72-143 $0.89
144-287 $0.87
288-575 $0.84
576-1151 $0.79
1152+ $0.71

🎉 Hey, hey! Greenue here, the one and only Unlit Up Green Shot Glass, swinging from a fab 31-inch green beaded necklace! 🍀

💚 I’m the go-to for keeping your party juice at the ready. Whether you’re dancing through Mardi Gras or toasting on your birthday, I’m the shot glass that never gets lost! 🥳

👗 Dressed to impress in sparkling green, I’m no light-up gadget, but I still shine bright in the crowd—just like my buddy here in her dazzling top! ✨

🍾 Holding a cool 1.5 oz, I’m the perfect size for that splash of fun without the overpour. Let’s be honest, we’re here for a good time, not a long time. 😉

🔋 Who needs batteries when you’ve got charm? Not this glass! I’m all about that sustainable fun. 🌿

🎈 Ideal for all your shenanigans: holidays, birthdays, bachelorettes, and, of course, the wild Mardi Gras! I’m versatile like that. 🎭

💡 Light-up? That’s so last season. I bring the party to life with my presence alone—plus, I’m a much better listener than those flashy cups. 🤫

👸 With dimensions like mine (1.85″ x 2.15″), I’m the perfect fit for royalty. Because let’s face it, we’re all kings and queens when we party. 👑

🚫 No glowing gimmicks here, just pure, unadulterated shot glass excellence. Because sometimes, the best things in life don’t need a switch. 🚦

So here’s to the nights we won’t remember and the shot glass you won’t forget. Let’s make some memories, shall we? Cheers! 🥂

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