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Mood Rose Floating Centerpiece


🌹 Roseni, the LED Mood Rose, casts a charming glow in any space, measuring a quaint 2.50 inches in diameter for the perfect fit. 🌹📏

🌹 Dipped in a tri-color light spectrum, this rose cycles through red, green, and blue hues for an enchanting ambiance. 🎨🌈

🌹 Equipped with a pair of CR2032 batteries, Roseni is a lasting beacon of serenity with easy replacement for endless radiance. 🔋🔄

🌹 Ensure a watertight seal with a coin-twisted battery compartment, making Roseni a trusty companion for poolside elegance. 🪙💧

🌹 Activate Roseni’s heart with a simple press underneath, unveiling a spectacle of seven distinct color settings. 💡🌟

🌹 Float away in a calming transition from color to color, as Roseni smoothly shifts hues for a soothing experience. 🛀🌈

🌹 Grace your gatherings with this floating rose, an ideal centerpiece for creating a tranquil waterborne display. 🌹💦

🌹 Unleash a spectrum of LED colors to set the mood, whether for a relaxing night in or a vibrant party accent. 🎉😌

🌹 Roseni’s petite size makes it a versatile addition to vases, baths, or pools, offering a gentle touch of light anywhere. 🏡✨

🌹 Designed to delight, Roseni is the perfect mood setter for romantic evenings, spa days, or tranquil home decor. 💖🏠

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.99
3-5 $2.97
6-11 $2.96
12-71 $2.94
72-143 $2.89
144-287 $2.84
288-575 $2.79
576-1151 $2.74
1152+ $2.69

Hello, I’m Roseni, your go-to Mood Rose Floating Centerpiece, here to add a splash of color and light to your life! 🌹💡

Imagine coming home to a serene space, bathed in my gentle glow, a perfect retreat from the daily grind. Let’s face it, I’m not just a pretty face; I’m a mood-setter, a romantic whisper in a world of shouts. 🌟🛀

My petals bask in a soft, LED radiance, shifting through red, green, and blue, ready to match your every mood. Feeling blue? I’ve got you. Seeing red? Me too. Going green? I’m on it. 🎨

Just a petite 2.50 inches in diameter, but oh, do I pack a punch of personality. I’m the kind of rose that doesn’t wilt—battery-operated and fully waterproof, because nobody likes a soggy bloom. 🔋🌊

Before you let me take a dip, twist my battery compartment tight with a coin. We wouldn’t want a spa day to turn into a sinking feeling, would we? 🛠️💦

Ready for some magic? Just remove my button cover and press the button underneath. Voilà! I can stand alone with my seven different individual colors or flow through a rainbow transition, making your heart skip a beat. 🌈

Set me afloat in a pool or perch me in a vase; either way, I promise to shine. And when the day’s done, why not surprise your beloved with a warm, glowing bath? Just me, a few bubbles, and thou—how’s that for a warm welcome back to work? 🛁💖

I’m not just a rose; I’m a floating festival of lights, a beacon of relaxation, and your personal cupid, all rolled into one. With replaceable CR2032 batteries, I’m here for the long haul, through thick and thin, or… till water do us part. 🎇

So next time you want to brighten up a room, or simply tell someone they light up your life, remember Roseni, the Mood Rose Floating Centerpiece—because who needs words when you’ve got a rose that glows? 🌹✨