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Mini LED Champagne Glass with Black Base


🥂 Embrace a symphony of lights with our LED Sipper, showcasing a vibrant display of Red, Green, and Blue lights for your toasting delight 🌟.

🥂 Never miss a toast with our replaceable AG10 batteries, ensuring your mini champagne glass keeps the party glowing all night long 🔋.

🥂 Petite and charming, our LED Sipper stands at 2.2 inches wide and 6.6 inches tall, perfect for elegant sips with a colorful twist 📐.

🥂 Raise a mini toast with a 5 oz capacity, ideal for savoring your champagne in illuminated style without overwhelming pours 🥂.

🥂 One press is all it takes to awaken a captivating slow color change function, making every sip a mesmerizing experience 🌈.

🥂 Crafted for enchantment, the sleek dimensions of our glass ensure it’s the star of any formal event or cozy gathering alike 🎩.

🥂 Our LED Sipper combines technological innovation with festive celebration, offering a modern twist to the classic champagne flute 🍾.

🥂 From intimate dinners to grand celebrations, the slow color change feature of our glass will be the talking point of the night 🗣️✨.

🥂 Ready for any occasion, our LED Sipper is designed to bring a splash of color to weddings, New Year’s Eve, or any event deserving a cheer 🎊.

🥂 With a simple button press under the base, set the mood for a memorable evening with an ever-changing palette of colors 🎨.

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.89
3-5 $2.87
6-8 $2.84
9-11 $2.79
12-47 $2.74
48-95 $2.69
96-239 $2.64
240-479 $2.59
480+ $2.49

🌈 “Hey there! I’m Lav, your pint-sized pal with a luminous personality and a knack for making every sip a spectacle! 🥂

Don’t let my size fool you—I’m the mighty Mini LED Champagne Glass that’s going to light up your world, one color-shifting toast at a time! 🎇

Packing a rainbow in my belly, I come equipped with Red, Green, and Blue LEDs that mix and mingle to create a mesmerizing dance of colors. 🚦

I run on four AG10 batteries—yes, four! Because when it comes to lighting up the night, I’m all about going the extra mile (or the extra battery). And they’re replaceable, so the party never stops! 🔋
My svelte figure measures a charming 2.2″ x 6.6”, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, but in fun-size form! 📏

I can hold a delightful 5 oz of your favorite bubbly, because who says you can’t have elegance in small doses? 🍾

Getting the glow going is as easy as pressing my secret button underneath. Give it a tap, and watch me put on a slow color-changing show that’ll make auroras jealous. 🌠

Whether you’re clinking glasses at a wedding, counting down on New Year’s Eve, or just jazzing up a Tuesday, I’m your go-to for a memorable pop and pour. 🍇

So next time you’re looking to add a dash of dazzle to your event, remember Lav—the mini glass with maxi charisma and an endless spectrum of fun! 🎉✨

Don’t just raise a glass; raise a spectacle with Lav, your LED Sipper that turns any moment into a kaleidoscope of joy! 🌟🥳