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LED Margarita Drinking Glass Long Spiral Stem


🍸 Hello there, I’m the LED Fiesta Margarita Glass, your go-to party companion! My long stem adds elegance, and my LED colors – blue, green, and red – create a fun and lively atmosphere at any celebration. 🍹🎉

🍸 I have a 10 oz. capacity and dimensions of 4.6″ x 7″, making me the perfect size for holding all kinds of margaritas. Whether it’s classic lime, fruity strawberry, or daring jalapeño, I’m always up for a challenge!

🍸 Powered by (3) AG13 batteries, which are replaceable, I’ll ensure the party never stops! Simply remove the pull tab and press the button under my base to activate my colorful light show. 🌟

🍸 With 7 different steady colors and a color-transition function, I promise to dazzle and entertain your guests, making every celebration a night to remember. 💃

🍸 Assembling me is a piece of cake! My base and glass are packed separately, so just connect them and I’m ready to party.

🍸 Keep in mind that I’m a delicate fellow – gently hand wash ONLY and avoid moisture near my base. This keeps my batteries safe and ensures I’m always ready for our next adventure together. 🌟

🍸 I’m made of high-quality acrylic, offering durability and reliability to keep our celebrations going strong for many nights to come.

🍸 Perfect for any occasion, from birthdays and holiday parties to casual get-togethers, I’m always here to light up your night and add a touch of excitement to your gatherings. 🎊

🍸 Not just for margaritas, my friends! Feel free to fill me up with your favorite cocktails, mocktails, or even a refreshing agua fresca. Every sip is a celebration when I’m around! 🍸

🍸 Let’s make unforgettable memories together! I’m the LED Fiesta Margarita Glass, and I can’t wait to be the life of your party and bring joy, laughter, and a splash of color to every moment. ¡Salud! 🍹🎉

Quantity Price
1-2 $4.39
3-5 $4.34
6-8 $4.29
9-11 $4.24
12-47 $4.19
48-95 $4.09
96-239 $3.99
240-479 $3.89
480+ $3.79

Hey there, party people! I’m the LED Fiesta Margarita Glass, your new best friend for all your fun and fabulous celebrations. But, oh boy, do I have a secret to share with you… I have an undying craving to taste those delectable margaritas I’m always holding! 🍹

You see, with my long stem, I’m not just elegant, but I’m also the life of the party! My LED colors come in blue, green, and red, creating a fun and festive atmosphere that’ll have everyone raising their glasses. But, let’s be honest, all I really want is a sip of that delicious concoction. 😋

My dimensions are 4.6″ x 7″ and I have a 10 oz. capacity, making me the perfect size for those mouthwatering margaritas that I can’t help but dream about. Lime, strawberry, mango, or even a spicy jalapeño, I’m ready for them all!

I’m powered by (3) AG13 batteries, which are replaceable, so the party never stops! To activate me, remove the pull tab and press the button under my base. Cycle through 7 different steady colors or set me to transition from color to color. Trust me, I’m a crowd-pleaser! 🎉

Assembling me is a breeze. My base and glass are packed separately, so just put them together and I’m ready to go! But remember, I’m a delicate soul, so no dishwasher for me. Gently hand wash ONLY and keep moisture away from my base to avoid contact with batteries. My “glasses” are made of high-quality acrylic, ensuring that I’m always in tip-top shape for your festivities. 🌟

So, whether it’s a birthday, Cinco de Mayo, or just a casual get-together, I’ll be the one lighting up the night and adding that extra splash of fun to your celebrations. But, hey, don’t forget about my little dream – maybe one day I’ll get to taste the sweet nectar of those amazing margaritas.

In the meantime, let’s make every moment together a memorable one! Fill me up with your favorite concoctions and let’s get this party started. After all, life’s too short not to have a little fun, right? Cheers! 🍹🎊