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Mardi Gras LED Shine Through Party Disco Balls Necklace


🎉 Get down with a 36-inch Mardi Gras necklace featuring seven disco ball-style bulbs for all-night white light radiance.

💃 Each bulb on the necklace casts a vibrant white glow, ensuring your Mardi Gras look sparkles from every angle.

🕺 Seven reflective disco balls bounce light in all directions, amplifying your party presence wherever you go.

🔋 Powered by three AG13 batteries, these replaceable power sources keep your party shine steady and strong.

✨ Navigate through a trio of LED functions including Flash, Blink, and Pulse to match the rhythm of the night.

🍀 Embrace the Mardi Gras spirit with each of the seven balls reflecting the festive white light onto your attire.

🌟 Instant activation is at your fingertips; remove the pull tab, press the button, and launch a personal light show.

🎭 A breakaway clasp adds safety to style, allowing for quick release as you revel in the Mardi Gras festivities.

🕶️ No need for a disco ball; become the center of the dance floor with this groovy, glowing accessory.

🌐 With the Disco Lights Mardi Gras Party Necklace, carry a mini discotheque around your neck, lighting up your path to fun.

Quantity Price
1-2 $5.59
3-5 $5.49
6-11 $5.29
12-47 $4.19
48-95 $4.09
96-239 $3.99
240-479 $3.89
480-959 $3.79
960+ $3.69

🕺 Strap in, folks, ’cause I’m Chen, the Disco Lights Mardi Gras Party Necklace, and I’m here to bring the boogie to your parade! 🎉

With my seven disco ball-style bulbs, I’m the king of bling and ready to turn every sidewalk into a dance floor. 💃

I come in glorious Mardi Gras colors: purple for the royal vibe, gold for the glitz, and green for the zest of the fest! 🍀

At a groovy length of roughly 36 inches, I hang just right whether you’re gyrating to the beat or strutting down the street. 💜💛💚

No need for a light switch; I come alive with a simple press of a button, cycling through flash, blink, and a cool slow pulse. 💡

Powered by three replaceable AG13 batteries, I’m a non-stop light show that’s sure to make your Mardi Gras outfit pop! 🔋

My breakaway clasp isn’t just snazzy; it’s practical, snapping off easily so you can keep the party vibes safe and sound. 🔗

Reflective and radiant, I don’t just light up; I play a symphony of sparkles on your shirt, turning you into the parade’s spotlight. ✨

So, whether you’re grooving through the Mardi Gras madness or bringing the disco to your daily grind, remember, Chen’s got your back… and your front! 😎

Grab your Disco Lights Mardi Gras Party Necklace, and let’s make this parade a night at the discotheque that no one will forget! 🎶