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Liquid Activated Gel Cubes Assorted


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Product Description

In fluid you can view its colored vivid animation. Just drop it in your cup. It glows with liquid activation. Gel cubes make your beverage better-looking to behold. If you pop them in the freezer they will even keep your drink cold. Try our blinking, flashing ice cubes. You’ll love them. Our light up ice cubes are popular for parties, weddings, meetings, birthdays, events and functions of all types. NOTE: The numbers below represent the exact number of cubes you’ll get by ordering. So when you are purchasing 1 pc. it means 1 ice cube. However the cubes are packed in trays of 25. Each pack of 25 contains 7 Multicolor cubes, 4 White, 3 Blue, 3 Red, 2 Jade, 2 Orange, 2 Pink, and 2 Purple. For smaller quantities I will assort them as best I can. For singles I will choose your color for you. Multicolor Gel Ice Cubes cannot be set on any one color. They have one function that slowly cycles through 7 different colors. Height: 1.31 in. , 3.33 cm. – Width: 1.38 in. , 3.51 cm. – Cube Color: Assorted – LED Colors: Assorted – Batteries for this product are NOT replaceable. They are sealed for your drinking safety.