Lighted Bubble Gun


1-2 $4.69
3-5 $4.67
6-8 $4.64
9-11 $4.59
12-47 $4.57
48-95 $4.49
96-239 $4.39
240-479 $4.29
480+ $3.94

From the gun shot a cool soap bubble. Then it popped when it hit my stubble. ; ; ; ; NEW and IMPROVED! Shoots bubbles with fewer pulls, shoots longer than our previous model! What fun, bubbles in the dark! Using a unique and powerful blue LED this battery powered bubble blower shoots a string of bubbles as you squeeze the trigger. Use it in the day or at night. The toy’s best feature is the way it illuminates the bubbles in a dark environment as they exit the opening. Please be aware that upon opening the bubbles and attaching them to the dispenser for the first time you will need to pull on the trigger until the solution travels up the tube and begins to coat the opening. We also ask that this toy be used by adults or with adult supervision as turning the gun upside down may spill the soapy solution. While not harmful and easily cleaned it can be sticky. Uses 3 AA batteries — replaceable and included. Ages 10 and up. Retail packaging.