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Light Up Small Pumpkin String Charms Necklace


LED Colors: Red
Batteries: (2) CR1220, Replaceable
Dimensions: Length: 38″; Charms: 1.05″ x 1.05″
Printable: No
Weight: 0.09 lbs


Quantity Price
1-2 $2.99
3-5 $2.94
6-8 $2.89
9-11 $2.84
12-47 $2.79
48-95 $2.74
96-239 $2.69
240-479 $2.64
480+ $2.59

Greetings! I’m Specter, your friendly, glowing guide this Halloween season! 🎃 I’m a light-up pumpkin necklace, ready to brighten up your spooky adventures with my red LED-lit jack-o’-lantern charms. Hang out with me, and I promise to make your All Hallows’ Eve simply spook-tacular!

My sole mission in my eerie afterlife is to bring joy (and a little bit of fright) to every Halloween celebration!👻 With eight of my merry, scary pals hanging along the length of the string, I’m the perfect accessory for children trick-or-treating, not to mention a standout addition to adult party favors. I’m all about the boo-tiful details.👌

Just imagine this scenario: the night is dark, the moon is bright, and I’m twinkling away around your neck, casting a fun, ghostly glow. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? And I’m not just pretty, I’m smart too! I come with a breakaway clasp for easy removal and safety. Safety first, scares second, that’s my motto!🌚

At just 0.09 lbs, I’m lighter than a feather (or a witch’s broom)! I sport a length of 38″, making me the ideal fit for any scare seeker out there. My charming charms measure 1.05″ x 1.05″, just the right size to catch eyes without overwhelming your Halloween style. 👀

Now, let’s talk about my superpowers. I’ve got not one, not two, but THREE impressive LED functions: twinkle, blink, and combination. To activate, just remove the pull tab and press the button on my battery housing. Voila, the eerie enchantment begins! (Batteries included, but replaceable in case of a mid-night fright failure!) 🔋💡

So why wait? Take me, your jolly jack-o’-lantern necklace, along on your haunted escapades this Halloween. Together, we’ll create spine-chilling memories that will last a lifetime. Or, at least, until the witching hour is over.🕛

Boo to you from our crew, and happy haunting! 👻🎃💀

  • 👻 Eight Spooky Charms: Dazzle this Halloween with our Little Charms Pumpkin Necklace featuring eight spooky, red light-up jack-o’-lantern charms. It’s the perfect blend of fun and fright!
  • 🎃 Perfect for Trick-or-Treating: Kids will love showing off their Halloween spirit with this light-up necklace. It adds a fun, glowing touch to any costume, making it perfect for trick-or-treating.
  • 🎉 Unique Party Favors: Planning a Halloween bash? Our necklace makes a unique party favor for your guests. It’s a standout accessory that adds a festive, eerie touch to your celebration.
  • 🎁 Ideal Fundraiser/Giveaway: Our light-up necklace is a unique, eye-catching item that’s perfect for fundraisers or giveaways. It’s a Halloween treat that’s sure to delight and surprise!
  • 👌 Safety Clasp: No need to worry about tangled necklaces! Our Little Charms Pumpkin Necklace features a breakaway clasp for easy removal and added safety. It’s secure yet simple to open.
  • 🌟 Three LED Functions: This necklace doesn’t just light up—it twinkles and blinks, too! Choose from three LED functions: twinkle, blink, and combination for a truly mesmerizing Halloween accessory.
  • 🔋 Replaceable Batteries: The necklace comes with two CR1220 batteries. But don’t worry—when the batteries run out, they’re easily replaceable so you can continue lighting up the night.
  • 📏 Great Dimensions: With a length of 38″ and charms measuring 1.05″ x 1.05″, this necklace is the perfect size. It’s noticeable without being overwhelming, and light as a ghost at just 0.09 lbs!
  • 🎇 Red LED Lights: The necklace’s jack-o’-lantern charms are adorned with red LED lights. They cast a spooky glow, adding a fun, eerie touch to your Halloween adventures.
  • 💼 Easy Activation: To activate the light-up jack-o’-lanterns, simply remove the pull tab and press the button located on the battery housing. It’s as simple as casting a spell!