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Light Up Round Badge Pin Yellow


🟡 Radiant LED colors: Our badge pin boasts vibrant yellow LEDs that shine brightly, ensuring you’ll stand out in any crowd with their eye-catching illumination.

🔋 Replaceable batteries: Equipped with (2) CR927 batteries, our badge pin offers long-lasting power.

📏 Compact dimensions: With a diameter of just 2 inches, our badge pin is perfectly sized for easy attachment to your shirt, bag, or hat.

💡 Easy activation: Activating our badge pin is a breeze. Simply remove the pull tab to activate the batteries, then press the button located on the back to cycle through three exciting light functions: blink, flash, and steady.

🔄 Versatile light functions: Whether you want to add some sparkle with a blinking effect, make a statement with a flashing display, or keep it steady for a consistent glow, our badge pin has you covered with three dynamic light modes.

🎉 Perfect for events: Make a memorable impression at parties, concerts, or festivals with our dazzling badge pin. It’s the ultimate accessory for adding flair to any occasion and getting the party started in style.

🏃‍♂️ Ideal for night activities: Its bright yellow lights enhance visibility, ensuring you’re seen by others while you’re out and about after dark.

🎭 Fun costume accessory: Take your costume to the next level with our LED badge pin.

🎁 Great for giveaways: Impress attendees at conferences, trade shows, or corporate events by offering our badge pin as a unique and memorable giveaway item.

🛒 Convenient for businesses: Our badge pin is a fun and attention-grabbing promotional item that can help increase brand visibility and attract customers. Display your logo in lights and watch your business shine!

Quantity Price
1-4 $1.79
5-9 $1.77
10-14 $1.74
15-24 $1.72
25-49 $1.69
50-99 $1.67
100-249 $1.64
250-499 $1.62
500-999 $1.54
1000+ $1.44

Hey there, party animals! 🎉 It’s me, the Light Up Round Badge Pin in dazzling yellow! Need some light-up pizzazz? Stick me on your shirt, bag, or hat and let’s light up the night together! 😎 These clips are like the ultimate wingman, they go everywhere! Whether you’re jogging under the stars or biking in the moonlight, I’ve got your back. And can we talk about my frosted color? So chic, you’ll want to wear me 24/7! 😍

Oh, and let’s not forget the parties! I’m the life of every shindig. People see me and go, “Whoa, where’d you get that awesome glow?” 💫 It’s like having your own personal spotlight, but way cooler. Trust me, I’m a must-have giveaway at every event or business conference. Your attendees will be fighting over who gets to rock me first! 😂

But wait, there’s more! I’m not just a pretty face. I’ve got specs, baby! LED colors? Yellow, of course, because why blend in when you can stand out? 💛 Batteries? Easy peasy, just (2) CR927s, replaceable for endless luminosity. And check out my dimensions: a cute 2″ diameter. Small but mighty, am I right? 😉

Activation is a breeze. Just pull my tab and press my button on the back. Boom, you’re in business! And guess what? I’ve got three light functions to keep things interesting: blink, flash, and steady. So whether you’re feeling flashy or just want to keep it chill, I’ve got you covered.

Now, let me tell you a funny little story. So, there’s this business party, right? The theme is “Let’s Get Lit” (pun totally intended). The host, let’s call him Bob, decides to go all out. He’s got disco balls, neon signs, the whole shebang. But something’s missing. That’s where I come in. Bob spots me and it’s like love at first light. He’s like, “You there, little glowy thing, you’re hired!” And the rest is history. I become the star of the party, lighting up the dance floor and making everyone’s night brighter. Moral of the story? Every party needs a little glow-up, and I’m just the accessory for the job!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a Light Up Round Badge Pin Yellow and let’s paint the town neon! 🌟

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