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Light Up Purple Shot Glass on Purple Beaded Necklaces


💜 Dazzle in Purple: Illuminate your cheers with the shot glass’s deep purple LED colors, adding a royal flush to every sip.

🔁 Replaceable Energy: Never run out of glow; powered by three AG3 batteries, keep the party lit with easy-to-replace energy sources.

📏 Compact Brilliance: Measuring a neat 2.12″ x 1.87″, this shot glass is the epitome of portable light-up luxury.

📿 Wearable Fun: At 31″ long, the beaded necklace ensures your drink dangles comfortably around your neck, ready for the next toast.

🥃 Sizable Sips: With a 1.5 oz volume, it’s the perfect size for a potent potion or a mellow mocktail.

Shine with Variety: Three lighting modes to match your mood: go wild with Flash, playful with Blink, or steady with the constant glow.

🎉 Party-Ready: Activate your night with a simple press of a button underneath the mini cup, seamlessly cycling through the LED functions.

🕺 Dance-Proof Design: Designed to stay lit and secure, no matter how much you jump, dance, or cheer.

🌟 Stellar Style Statement: Make a statement with every clink; perfect for those who like their accessories to be as spirited as their spirits.

🎇 Glowing Companion: Be the life of the party with this glowing companion, ensuring you and your drink are unmissable in the crowd.

Quantity Price
1-2 $3.59
3-5 $3.54
6-8 $3.49
9-11 $3.29
12-71 $2.19
72-143 $1.99
144-287 $1.89
288-575 $1.79
576-1151 $1.69
1152+ $1.59

🍇✨ Hey there, I’m Staycie, the life of the party packed into a Light Up Purple Shot Glass dangling from a fabulous Purple Beaded Necklace! 🎉

Are you ready to be the center of attention at your next shindig? Let’s get this party started! 🥳 Hold on tight because when you fill me up with 1.5 ounces of liquid courage, we’re going to light up the night together! With three electrifying modes – flashing, blinking, and steady glow – I’m not just a shot glass, I’m a portable party. 💜

Whether it’s Mardi Gras, Halloween, or just another Tuesday night, I’m the perfect plus-one. No need to worry about losing me in the crowd; I’m hanging right around your neck, ready for a quick sip or a dazzling light show. 🎆

🔋 My energy comes from (3) AG3 batteries, totally replaceable to keep our party going until dawn. And with dimensions that make me just the right size for a little sip of something strong (Shot Glass: 2.12″ x 1.87″; Necklace: 31″), I’m both your fashion statement and your beverage container. 💁‍♀️🍹

To get this glowing gala on the road, just press the button underneath my mini cup base. Then, click through my LED functions to match your party mood:

  • Want to be the heartbeat of the party? Go with the Flash!
  • Feeling a bit cheeky? Blink is your style!
  • Or if you’re all about that cool, collected vibe, Steady is your jam.

Remember, I’m not your average shot glass; I’m Staycie, your neon light in the darkness, your beacon of fun. So why settle for boring drinkware when you can have a conversation starter, a light show, and a trusty companion all in one? 💡👯‍♀️

Grab me, fill me, and let’s make memories that are as bright and bold as my LED colors. After all, life’s too short for dimly lit drinks. Cheers to making every moment shine! 🥂✨

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