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Light Up Purple Paw Print Charm Necklace


🐾 Embrace your inner sports fanatic with a necklace that shines in team spirit, featuring brilliant white LED colors to light up any event.

💜 No need to fear the dark; with a touch of a button, this purple paw charm necklace radiates a gleaming white light, perfect for night games.

🔋 Equipped with three AG13 batteries, this necklace is always game-ready and with replaceable power, you’ll never miss a cheer.

📏 The generous necklace length ensures a comfortable fit for fans of all sizes, making it a universal symbol of team pride.

🎉 Flaunt this purple paw at birthdays or Mardi Gras and watch as it turns heads with its bright LED glow and charming design.

🏈 Tailgate in style or rally at pep events, this light-up paw necklace is your go-to accessory to show off your school colors with pride.

🎁 Gifting made easy for the sports lover in your life; this charming light-up paw print necklace is a guaranteed touchdown.

🍾 From holidays to bachelorette parties, this versatile necklace is a festive addition to any celebration needing a burst of light.

🔄 When the lights dim, simply swap out the batteries and keep the party glowing with this endlessly vibrant accessory.

🌟 Stand out in the crowd, whether cheering from the stands or dancing at the club, this necklace ensures you’re visible and vivacious.

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🐾 Hey there! I’m HachicQuo, the Light Up Purple Paw Print Charm Necklace that’s purr-fect for showing off your team spirit! 🎉

💜 I come in a majestic purple shade with a pristine white trim, ready to light up every sports game or pep rally with a touch of feline grace. 🏈

🔋 Powered by three AG13 batteries, I’m the glow-tastic accessory you can count on from the kickoff to the final whistle. And yes, my batteries are as replaceable as your ex. 😹

📏 Strutting a fabulous necklace length of 36 inches, I hang gracefully, ensuring I’m the cat’s meow wherever you go. 🌟

✨ My paw dimensions are 3.12″ x 3.18″ x 1.25″, making me a big-hearted charm for all your celebratory occasions. 🐱

🎇 Equipped with dazzling white LED colors, I’m not just a necklace; I’m a light show around your neck. Who needs fireworks when you’ve got me? 💥

🎈 Whether it’s holidays, birthdays, bachelorettes, or Mardi Gras, I’m your go-to for adding a pop of color and a dash of fun! 🎊

🎁 Imagine gifting me to your friends; I’m like a wearable high-five for their neck. We’re talking major friendship points here! 👯

🚫 Don’t worry about me being a one-hit wonder. I’m built to last longer than your average cheer. Plus, I’m way cuter. 🤷‍♀️

So, if you’re ready to rock your school colors or just want to add some lit-up loveliness to your life, remember – I’m the purple paw that parties hard! 🎉