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Light Up Multicolored Fiber Optic Unicorn Wand with Crystal Ball


  • 🦄 Unicorn Mystique: Dive deep into enchantment with the Mystical Magical Unicorn Wand, the perfect accessory that mingles magic with an impressive light display.
  • 🌈 Vibrant Colors: With LED lights in blue, green, and pink, let every swish and swirl radiate a mesmerizing hue, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary spectacles.
  • ✨ Fiber Optic Fascination: The Light Up Fiber Optic technology ensures every glint and gleam is as magical as a unicorn’s whimsy, setting the stage for a dazzling show.
  • 🎉 Party Perfect: Ideal for princess-themed birthdays, spooky Halloweens, and exhilarating festivals. Flaunt your wand and be the beacon of charm and allure.
  • 🔋 Endless Enchantment: Powered by four AG13 batteries, this wand promises prolonged magic. And when it’s time, simply replace them to keep the luminescence alive.
  • 📏 Handy Dimensions: At a comfortable size of 3″ x 15″, it’s perfect for hands big and small, ensuring every wave is a grand gesture of wonder.
  • 🪶 Featherlight: Weighing a mere 0.25 lbs, the wand ensures your magical endeavors aren’t weighed down. Spin, twirl, or dance with ease!
  • 🎨 Mesmerizing Modes: Choose from six LED functions, from captivating strobes and slow color transitions to individual color flashes. Every setting promises a new experience.
  • 🖲 User-Friendly Activation: To unleash the magic, simply remove the pull tab, press the button, and let Princess Luna illuminate your path with rainbow delights.
  • 💖 Show Your Inner Magic: With the Flashing Magical Unicorn, your innate magic won’t be just felt, but visibly seen. Shine bright and let your inner unicorn gallop free!
Quantity Price
1-2 $3.29
3-5 $3.24
6-11 $3.19
12-47 $2.99
48-95 $2.84
96-239 $2.79
240-479 $2.74
480-959 $2.69
960+ $2.64

Hey there! 🌟 It’s me, Princess Luna, but you can just call me Luna if you like. Oh, and in case you’re scratching your head (and it’s not due to fairy dust!), I’m that enchanting Mystical Magical Unicorn Wand you’ve been hearing about. 🦄

So, why should you consider twirling me around and showing me off to your friends? First, I promise to make you stand out! After all, not everyone wields the power of a unicorn combined with fabulous rainbow lights, you know. 🌈

Got a princess-themed birthday coming up? Or perhaps a spooky Halloween event or a raving festival? Trust me, I’m the accessory you need. Waving me around will surely make your inner magic shine bright, leaving everyone in awe. ✨

You’d probably like to know a bit more about my specs, wouldn’t you? Well, my vibrant LED colors include blue, green, and pink. I’m powered by four AG13 batteries (replaceable, so the fun never stops). I’m a stylish 3″ x 15″ in size, and weighing just 0.25 lbs, I promise not to make your arm tired during those extended magical dance sessions. 💃

Turning on my magical charm is easy peasy. Just remove the pull tab, press my button, and let the light show begin! You can cycle through six mesmerizing LED functions, from strobing magic to individual flashes of pink, blue, or green. Prepare to be the star of the show! 🌟

So, whether you’re looking to add a dash of magic to your outfit or seeking a trusty companion for your nocturnal escapades, remember: Princess Luna is here to light up your world! 💖🌙