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Light Up Multicolor Bubble Sword Assorted Colors Pink or Blue


🌟 Illuminate playtime with a dazzling 28-inch sword that lights up the imagination and the night.

🔋 Keep the fun going forever with 3 easily replaceable AA batteries – no need to ever press pause on play!

🎨 Choose your warrior’s hue with handles available in bold blue or passionate pink, tailoring the adventure to you.

💦 Dive into a bubbly universe with 2 free bottles of bubble solution, ensuring the frolic never ends.

🛡️ Embrace the knight or princess within with a versatile toy that’s both a valiant sword and a whimsical bubble wand.

🎉 Effortless fun activation: just remove the plastic tab, screw on the bubbles, and behold a stream of floating wonder.

🔄 Easy maintenance with a no-fuss bubble refill system means more time for epic battles and less for prep.

✨ Watch the glitter paper amplify the sword’s glow, casting enchantment with every swing and swish.

🎁 The perfect present that combines action and wonder, sure to be the highlight of any birthday or holiday.

🌈 Let the rainbow of lights inspire stories of magical realms and mythical creatures during every play session.

Quantity Price
1-2 $16.19
3-4 $16.09
5-8 $15.89
9-11 $15.84
12-23 $15.79
24-95 $15.69
96-191 $15.59
192-287 $15.49
288+ $15.39

Hello, world! I’m Super Twinsies, the LED Bubble Sword, and I’m here to double the fun at any party! 🌈✨ Let’s slice through the boredom with my radiant 28-inch blade that flashes faster than a firefly on a sugar rush. But wait, there’s more! I’m not just a pretty sword; twist on one of my two bubble bottles and I’ll shower you with a parade of bubbles. It’s like your own personal bubble storm! 🗡️💭

Crafted in shades of knightly blue or princess pink, I come with glitter paper that makes my LED lights dance like disco stars. I’m powered by three trusty AA batteries, and when they run out, just replace them to keep the party glowing. No need to fear the dark with me around! 🔋🎉

Now, let me tell you a little tale. Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a unicorn-themed party where everyone was rather downcast. The unicorns had lost their sparkle, the fairies their fizz. Enter moi, wielding bubbles and light like a wizard! With a wave of my hilt, the room was aglow, bubbles bouncing over giggling guests. The unicorns found their sparkle, the fairies their fizz, and the party was saved! 🦄✨

So if you’re looking to bring a twinkle to your eye and a pop to your step, look no further. I’m not just a sword, nor just a bubble gun. I’m Super Twinsies, your heroic party companion, ready to turn any frown upside down. Grab your cape, screw on the bubbles, and let’s make magic happen! 🎈🚀

Length: A full 28 inches of light-up excitement Batteries: 3 AA, replaceable for non-stop fun Handle Color: Heroic blue or royal pink, take your pick Bonus: 2 bottles of bubble solution for a bubbly blast

To start the magic, remove the plastic tab, attach the bubble bottle and let the party begin. Are you ready for this jelly? Because here I come! 🌟🎶