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Light up Lanyard Flashing Basketball Charm Necklace


LED Colors: Multicolor
Batteries: AG13, Replaceable
Dimensions: Necklace Length:
Printable: No
Weight: 0.194 lbs
Modes: Quick, Slow, Steady on.


Quantity Price
1-2 $6.99
3-5 $6.94
6-8 $6.89
9-11 $6.84
12-23 $6.79
24-95 $6.59
96-191 $6.29
192-287 $6.09
288+ $5.99

I’m always looking for ways to show how much I love the games I play. So when I found the Flashing Basketball Charm with Light-up Lanyard Necklaces.

The first thing that caught my eye was the multicolor LED light on the basketball charm. The colors are so bright and vivid, and against the dark background of the night sky, they really stand out. It’s almost like having a little light show all to myself! With the different modes, I can choose between quick flashing, slow pulsing, steady on, and even more creative settings. I can change it up depending on how I’m feeling or what I’m doing, like playing a game late at night or going to a basketball game with my friends.

The best part about the Flashing Basketball Charm with Light-up Lanyard Necklaces is that it’s so easy to use.
When the AG13 battery runs out, all I have to do is replace it, and I’m good to go. Since the battery can be changed, I don’t have to worry about throwing it away and adding to the amount of trash in the world. It’s a small but important thing I can do to help the earth.

And let’s talk for a minute about the lanyard. Not only is it easy to wear, but it also lasts a long time.
I don’t have to worry about it breaking or coming off all day. The basketball charm is safely attached to the lanyard, so I never have to worry about losing it. And because it’s so light, I can wear it all day without feeling like I’m carrying extra weight.

My Flashing Basketball Charm with Light-up Lanyard Necklace has gotten so many compliments. People always want to know where I got it and how they can get one for themselves. It’s a great way to meet other basketball fans and a great way to start a conversation.
It’s like we have our own secret language that only we can understand.

Any student who loves sports should get the Flashing Basketball Charm with Light up Lanyard Necklaces.
It’s a creative and fun way to show how much you love the game, and it’s also very useful. The LED light is bright and has many different colors and modes. The battery can be changed. It’s the perfect thing to have when you’re hanging out with friends or going to a party.

I think it’s great!

LED: Multicolor
Modes: quick, slow, steady on, and more
Battery: AG13, replaceable

Remove the plastic tab and press the power button, repeat to turn off.

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