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Light Up Jolly Hearts Shaped Candy Cane Christmas Valentines Sunglasses Red


  • ❤️ Love at First Sight: Get ready to “see love wherever you look” with these spectacular Holiday Hearts Light Up Candy Cane Glasses. Designed to turn heads and warm hearts, these glasses are a must-have for lovebirds and party enthusiasts alike. 🎉
  • 🎄 Versatile Celebration: Why limit yourself to one holiday? These glasses are not just perfect for Christmas but also make a fabulous accessory for Valentine’s Day. Celebrate love all year round with these show-stopping heart-shaped frames. 💘
  • 🔴 Radiant Red LEDs: Immerse yourself in the soft, glowing red LED lights that bring these glasses to life. Whether it’s under the mistletoe or during a romantic date, these shades make sure you’re the center of attention. 💡
  • 🎛️ Three Light Modes: With just a click of a button, toggle through three captivating light modes—flash, blink, and steady—to suit your mood or match the vibe of your event. It’s like having a disco on your face! 🕺
  • 🔋 Replaceable CR2032 Batteries: Keep the party going without any worry. These glasses come equipped with two replaceable CR2032 batteries, ensuring you can keep lighting up the room all night long. 🔄
  • 📏 Snug and Comfortable Fit: Designed for everyone, these glasses have dimensions of 7″ x 6″ x 2.5″, ensuring a comfortable fit. Plus, weighing just 0.156 lbs, you won’t even feel them on! 🤓
  • 🤩 Novelty Factor: Who needs lenses when you can have light-up frames? Stand out in any crowd with this unique and eye-catching design. A fantastic conversation starter, these glasses will be the talk of any event. 🗨️
  • 🎁 Perfect Gift Option: Stuck on what to give your loved ones? These glasses are the ideal gift for someone who has everything. Unique, quirky, and guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 🎁
  • 🌍 Eco-Friendly and Durable: Made from quality materials, these glasses are not just a feast for the eyes but are also eco-friendly. Get ready to celebrate the holidays in a sustainable way! 🌱
  • 👨‍👩‍👦 Family-Friendly Fun: These glasses are suitable for all ages, making them a perfect family accessory for any holiday event. Picture the entire family lighting up the room with these charming shades! 📸
Quantity Price
1-2 $3.99
3-5 $3.94
6-11 $3.89
12-47 $3.84
48-95 $3.79
96-239 $3.69
240-479 $3.59
480-959 $3.49
960+ $3.29

Hey, Lovebirds and Lone Wolves alike! I’m Heart Evan, and I’m here to sprinkle a dash of love and light into your life. ❤️🕶️

Picture this: You walk into a room and suddenly, love is literally in the air—or should I say, in your eyesight? With me, you’ll be “seeing love wherever you look.” Yep, I’m not just a pair of glasses; I’m a mood enhancer. 😍

Let’s talk style, shall we? I’ve got this irresistible candy cane theme going on, which means I’m not just great for Cupid’s holiday but also Santa’s. From Christmas to Valentine’s Day, I’m your wingman or wingwoman or wing-glasses? 🎅❤️

“What about lenses?” you may wonder. Darling, who needs lenses when you’ve got heart-shaped frames that light up in radiant red? Lenses are so yesterday; it’s all about LED illumination now. 💡

Now, how does this glorious glow-up happen? It’s simple! A push of a button behind the earpiece, and you can choose from three dazzling LED functions: flash, blink, and steady. Light up your life or someone else’s! 💫

Concerned about running out of juice during your moments of glory? Don’t fret! My batteries are replaceable. I use two CR2032 batteries to keep the love and light going. ❤️🔋

Fit-wise, I’m as versatile as your playlist. With dimensions of 7″ x 6″ x 2.5″, I’ve got you covered. And weighing a mere 0.156 lbs, you’ll hardly know I’m there. 🎵

Who am I for? Everyone! Young or old, single or taken, happy or grumpy—I can bring a smile to anyone’s face. 😁

Picture this: Christmas caroling with me lighting up your face, or making everyone at the Valentine’s party wish they’d swiped right on you. 🎄💘

In summary, if you’re tired of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses and ready to view it through red heart-shaped LED ones instead, then it’s time to make me yours. Let’s make every face you meet a smiling one! 😄❤️

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