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Light Up Floral Princess Woodland Fairy Halo Crown


🌟Glowing Wonder: Ruth, the Warm White Lights Magical Flower Halo Headband, promises to turn heads at every gathering with its amber-hued illumination.

🎭Festival Must-Have: Perfect for music festivals, Ruth is the accessory every hipster needs to stand out in the crowd.

👑Fairy-Tale Charm: An absolute fairy-tale dream, Ruth is ideal for birthday parties, Halloween, and themed events.

💡LED Magic: Ruth sparkles with white-amber LED colors, creating a warm, enchanting glow.

🔄Replaceable Batteries: Powered by two CR2032 batteries that are easily replaceable, ensuring your fairy-tale glow never dims.

⚖️Ideal Weight & Size: With a comfortable diameter of 7.5″ and a lightweight design of only 0.284 lbs, Ruth is easy to wear and adjust.

💫Simple Activation: Activation is as simple as removing the pull-tab and flipping the switch for a magical, still light function.

💖Versatile & Flexible: Ruth’s design is bendable and can be shaped to fit anyone for maximum comfort and magical aesthetic.

🎁Gift-worthy: Makes for an ideal gift to all who love to add a sprinkle of magic and illumination to their look.

👸Perfect for Princesses: An absolute must for aspiring princesses, Ruth is ready to make fairy-tale dreams come true.

Quantity Price
1-2 $4.69
3-5 $4.59
6-11 $4.49
12-47 $4.29
48-95 $3.89
96-287 $3.69
288-575 $3.64
576-1007 $3.59
1008+ $3.54

Hello darling! 🌺 I’m Ruth, your own personal fairy godmother in the form of a Warm White Lights Magical Flower Halo Headband. 👑

Add a little magic to your life because I’m a fairy princess’ dream come true! 🧚‍♀️
Wear me on your birthday, let me be your Halloween charm, or simply rock me among hipsters at summer music festivals, and I’ll ensure all eyes are on you! 🎂🎃🎪

I’m flexible and will fit everyone – making sure everyone gets a piece of this magical experience! 🎊
I come with white-amber LED lights to light up your world. 🌟

Batteries? Worry not, I’ve got you covered with two CR2032 batteries which are easily replaceable. 🔋
With a dimension of 7.5″ and a weight of 0.284 lbs, I am as comfortable as any headband can get! 🌼

You’re probably wondering, how do you bring me to life? Well, simply remove the pull-tab from my battery house and flip the switch for a still light function. Easy-peasy, right? 🌈

So, are you ready to bring some magic into your life? 🦄

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