Light Up Floral Princess Cool White Fairy Halo Crown


LED Colors: Cool White
Batteries: (2) CR2032, Replaceable
Dimensions: 7.5″ Diam.
Printable: No


1-2 $5.24
3-5 $5.19
6-8 $5.14
9-11 $5.09
12-47 $5.04
48-95 $4.99
96-239 $4.89
240-479 $4.79
480+ $4.59

Let your inner hippie shine with the Light Up Cool White Flower Crown Headband! This festival gear must-have will make you the envy of everyone at Coachella, the nearest music festival, and more. Want to have a bit of fun at a friend’s birthday party? The LED Flower Halo is bendable and can be shaped to fit anyone – use bobby pins for extra security!

LED Colors: Cool-White
Batteries: (2) CR2032, Replaceable
Dimensions: 7.5″ Diam.
Printable: No
Weight: 0.284 lbs

To activate your LED Flower Halo, remove pull tab and flip switch on battery house for Still Light function.

FLASH MEETS FASHION: The magical headband with hundreds of petals that shine. Our headband is about 7.5 inches in length. Where nighttime is near, there’s nothing to fear. This will make a classy statement when worn. The COOL WHITE LEDs transform the ordinary into extraordinary, the perfect LED light to brighten your night. Your imaginations will run wild and create wonder for your child.

HOW TO OPERATE: To activate, remove the pull-tab from the battery house and flip the switch for still light function. The headband uses a replaceable CR2032 battery. One size fits all headband will turn all the fun. The energy-efficient LED lights won’t get hot to the touch, so you can use this pin for hours without overheating.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Please use bobby pins for extra security. These pins will help the headband stays in place for a classy and fun look. The light-up headband helps tick away night worries in a hurry, a fashion flower that is gentle to wear and can easily adjust to any size.

PERFECT FOR: Birthdays, Sleepovers, Bachelorette Parties, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Pride, Concerts, Festivals and all occasions.