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Light Up Flashing Pot Leaf Jumbo Charms Necklace


🌿 Vivid Green LEDs: Each cannabis leaf charm radiates with an intense green hue, symbolizing the essence of nature and good vibes.

🎉 Dynamic Light Modes: Flash to captivate, blink for rhythm, or maintain a steady glow to mirror the tranquil essence of a serene landscape.

🔋 Long-Lasting Batteries: Equipped with three AG13 batteries, ensuring your necklace stays lit as long as your spirits are high.

📏 Generous Length: At 40 inches, this necklace drapes comfortably, making a bold statement for any wearer.

💡 Easy Activation: A pull tab and button are all it takes to ignite the botanical brilliance of this conversation-starting accessory.

🌱 Nature-Inspired Design: Seven jumbo leaf charms celebrate the beauty of the natural world with a modern, luminous twist.

🔗 Safe and Secure: Features a breakaway clasp for quick release, prioritizing your safety while you shine.

🔄 Replaceable Energy: When the party doesn’t stop, neither should your light—swap out batteries quickly and keep the radiance alive.

✨ Three Illuminating Choices: Select your shine with ease—flash for excitement, blink for allure, or steady for constant radiance.

🌈 Green Glow Aesthetic: Immerse yourself in the glow of these LED cannabis leaves, perfect for festivals, themed parties, or just elevating your everyday style.

Quantity Price
1-2 $3.29
3-6 $3.24
7-11 $3.19
12-71 $3.14
72-143 $3.09
144-287 $3.04
288-575 $2.99
576-1151 $2.89
1152+ $2.79

🌿 “Hey there! I’m Opay, the Light Up Flashing Pot Leaf Jumbo Charms Necklace, and I’m here to bring a bit of nature’s glow to your wardrobe! 🌟
As the life of the garden party, I’m all about good vibes and bright times. With my seven super-sized cannabis leaf pendants, I’m not just a necklace; I’m a statement that says, ‘I’m here to light up the room…literally.’ 🎉
My verdant green LEDs are the color of spring’s first sprout, and with a tap of a button, you can make me flash, blink, or shine steady – it’s like having your own personal light show around your neck. ✨
I come with a necklace length of 40 inches, ensuring I’m the perfect fit for any botanical enthusiast looking to add some pizzazz to their ensemble. 📏
Safety first, party second – that’s my motto! Which is why I come with a breakaway clasp for those times when the forest frolic gets a little too wild. 🌲
Easy to use? You betcha! Just remove my pull tab, and press the hidden button to cycle through my lighting options. Whether you’re looking to flash faster than a firefly, blink like a bioluminescent mushroom, or maintain a steady glow like the Northern Lights, I’ve got you covered. 🌠
And when my lights start to dim like the setting sun, no worries! I’m powered by three AG13 batteries that you can easily replace – so we can keep the party growing. 🌱
Rock me at your next fest, wear me while you lounge with your buds, or let me hang out at your next concert. I promise to be the highlight of your night! 🎶
So, wrap me around your neck, and let’s get this botanical bash started! With me, every occasion is just a little more…enlightened. 😉🌿”

Customer Reviews

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Susan Sciarretto

I freaked out when I saw them, too cute

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