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Light Up Expandable Magic Wizard with Prism Ball


🌈 Multicolor LED Display: Features dazzling multicolor LEDs within the prism ball for a spectacular light show that captures the magic of the cosmos.

🔋 Replaceable Batteries: Equipped with three AAA batteries that are easily replaceable, ensuring your magical adventures never face the darkness.

📏 Expandable Design: Transforms from a compact 20 inches to an impressive 34 inches in length, making it a versatile choice for wizards of all sizes.

💡 Six Lighting Modes: Offers a variety of effects including Strobe Flash, Slow Color Change, Steady, and Red/Blue/Green Blink to suit any magical mood or setting.

🎩 Wizardry at Your Fingertips: Just a button press away from activating your powers, conveniently located on the handle for easy access.

🔄 Easy Activation: Start the magic instantly by removing the pull tab and pressing the button; no complicated spells needed!

Prism Ball Feature: The handle ends in a mesmerizing prism ball that not only looks enchanting but also amplifies the light effects.

🎒 Portable Magic: Lightweight and compact when collapsed, it is perfect for carrying to parties, cosplays, or mystical gatherings.

🌟 Perfect for Themed Events: Ideal for Halloween, cosplay events, wizard-themed parties, or whenever you feel like adding a touch of enchantment.

🛡️ Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of any magical quest or playful skirmish among apprentice sorcerers.

Quantity Price
1-2 $4.99
3-5 $4.94
6-11 $4.89
12-47 $4.84
48-95 $4.79
96-239 $4.69
240-479 $4.59
480-959 $4.49
960+ $4.29

Hello there, fellow magical beings and wizard wannabes! 🧙✨ I am the one, the only, Light Up Expandable Magic Wizard with Prism Ball. Prepare to be amazed because I’m not just any stick; I’m the wand that turns any mundane evening into a spellbinding spectacle! 🌟

First things first, let’s talk specs. Collapsed, I’m a handy 20 inches long and 2.5 inches wide, perfect for easy storage or sneaky concealment. But wait, there’s more! With a flick of your wrist, I expand to a majestic 34 inches. That’s right, I grow longer before your very eyes! 🪄📏

Now, onto the magic. My handle isn’t just for show; it houses a magnificent prism ball that dazzles with multicolor LED brilliance. Powered by three AAA batteries (yes, they’re replaceable), I ensure the show goes on as long as your heart desires. 💡🔋

Let’s not forget about my impressive array of lighting modes. With a simple press of a button, you can unleash my powers:

  • Strobe Flash – for when you need to send Morse code to your fairy friends. 🧚💬
  • Slow Color Change – to set the mood or start a psychedelic slow dance. 🌈🕺
  • Steady – for the serious moments when you need to cast a powerful spell or just look important. 🧙‍♂️✨
  • Red/Blue/Green Blink – because sometimes, you just need to party wizard-style! 🎉🧙

Whether you’re headlining at a wizarding festival, accessorizing for Halloween, or simply jazzing up a Tuesday, I am your go-to for adding that extra bit of magic. So why settle for being ordinary when you can be enchanting? Grab your hat, summon your owl, and let’s light up the night with a touch of wizardry. 🦉🌙

Remember, great power comes with great responsibility… and a bit of flashy fun! Let’s make some magic happen, shall we? 🎇👻

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