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Light Up Devil Horn Starlight Red Headband for Halloween


Dimensions: 6″ x 3″
LED Colors: Red
Mode: Blink, flash, steady
Weight: 0.09 lbs
Batteries: 2 Replaceable CR1220 Batteries pre-installed


Quantity Price
1-5 $3.49
6-11 $3.44
12-23 $3.39
24-143 $3.34
144-287 $3.29
288-498 $3.19
499-998 $3.09
999+ $2.99

🔥 Well, howdy there! The name’s Annabelle, but don’t let that sweet moniker fool ya. I’m all about the mischief with my Red Starlight Devil Horns! 😈

In the dimly lit corners of Halloween parties, amidst the eerie pumpkins and cheeky ghosts, I stand out – an eye-catching LED spectacle. 🎃💡 I’m not just another Halloween accessory; I’m the life of the party! When Mom’s cooking up a storm for that family dinner, I’m there, stirring up a devilish dose of fun. 😏🍽️

My magic? Just the radiant glow of my LED horns, lighting up the night and making you the star. A simple press of a button, and I’m ready to wow the crowd with three spectacular modes: Blink, Flash, and Steady. Now, who’s the wicked one? 😉🌟

Fashioned to fit all, I’m as versatile as they come. No need to worry about me being too tight or too loose, I adapt, because comfort and style are my game. Just imagine, a Halloween headband that feels as good as it looks! 🎩👌

And let’s not forget about my power cells – two CR1220 batteries. Need to switch ’em out after a long night of frolic? Easy peasy! I won’t leave you in the dark. Plus, I’m a lightweight, so you can dance and prance all night without a care. 💃🔋

So, ready to add a pinch of naughtiness to your Halloween with me, Annabelle, your Red Starlight Devil Horns LED Headband? 😜🔥

  • 🌟 Eye-Catching: Light up any Halloween party with Annabelle, your Red Starlight Devil Horns LED Headband! An accessory that’s guaranteed to make you the star of the night. 😈
  • 💡 Versatile Lighting Modes: With three unique lighting modes – Blink, Flash, and Steady – this headband brings versatility and fun to your devilish guise. Just a button away from the action! 🔥
  • 🎃 Perfect Halloween Accessory: Annabelle is not just a headband; she’s the quintessential Halloween accessory, designed to add that missing spark to your Halloween outfit. 👻
  • 🌈 Vibrant Red LED: Boasting radiant red LED lights, Annabelle promises to steal the show and add a wicked flair to your costume. She’s not just bright, she’s spectacularly devilish! 🎆
  • 👒 Comfortable and Lightweight: Weighing a mere 0.08 lbs, this LED headband promises comfort. Dance, prance, or scare away; Annabelle won’t weigh you down. She’s your lightweight partner in crime! 💃
  • 🔋 Replaceable Batteries: Equipped with two CR1220 batteries, Annabelle is always ready for a night of fun. Need to replace them after a long night? Easy-peasy! She ensures you’re never left in the dark. 💫
  • ⏳ Long-lasting Fun: With replaceable batteries and durable design, Annabelle ensures your wicked fun doesn’t stop at dawn. She’s your long-lasting companion for all your Halloween shenanigans. 🌛
  • 🎩 One Size Fits All: Designed with a stretch-fit mechanism, this LED headband adapts to fit all. No worries about it being too tight or too loose; Annabelle fits just right. She’s as adaptable as they come! 🔄
  • 🔍 Compact Dimensions: With dimensions of 6″ x 3″, Annabelle is compact enough to be your subtle yet impactful accessory. She’s your compact companion for a devilish night out! 🌃
  • 🎁 Great Gift Idea: Looking for a fun, unique Halloween gift? Gift Annabelle! She’s not just another headband; she’s a fun, light-up spectacle that guarantees to bring smiles and create unforgettable memories. 🥳

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