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Light Up Crystal Prism Devil Horns Multicolor


🌈 Multicolored Magic: The Prismatic LED Devil Horns offer a dazzling array of rainbow-colored LEDs, transforming your naughty escapades into a captivating light show.

💡 Innovative Light-Up Feature: These horns are not your regular costume props. With just a switch, the clear, facetted horn shells illuminate, setting you apart in any gathering.

🎭 Devilishly Stylish: Embrace your wickedly stylish side with this standout accessory, an essential add-on for any devilish attire.

🤘 Perfect for Parties: Be it Halloween, a costume party, or any event requiring a touch of mischief, these devil horns are the perfect companion.

⚖️ Lightweight & Comfortable: Despite their spectacular glow, the horns are incredibly lightweight (0.163 lbs) ensuring comfort even with prolonged use.

🔄 Powered by Replaceable Batteries: The horns use three AG13 batteries that are easily replaceable, ensuring the party never stops for a battery-change break.

🧘 Perfectly Sized: With a headband measuring 6.25″ x 6″ and horns at 1.25″ x 2″, they offer a perfect fit for a night of devilish fun.

🎁 Available in Bulk: Sold in packs of 144, these devil horns are a fantastic choice for large events or parties.

💪 Flexible Black Headband: The headband is not just stylishly black, but is also flexible, promising a snug fit without any discomfort.

🥳 Unleash the Fun: With the Prismatic LED Devil Horns, get ready to unleash the naughtiness in the most visually stunning way!

Quantity Price
1-5 $2.29
6-11 $2.24
12-23 $2.19
24-47 $2.14
48-95 $2.09
96-239 $2.04
240-479 $1.99
480-957 $1.94
958+ $1.89

Hello, the name’s Ashley, but my friends call me Ash for short! 😈 I’m the one and only Prismatic LED Devil Horns that you’ve been searching for, the perfect sidekick for your mischievous escapades. With me in your ensemble, you’re not just naughty, you’re wickedly stylish!

Imagine having facetted clear horn shells light up your night, and not just with one dull color. Oh no, I’m all about the rainbow vibes. 🌈 When I’m turned on (which is quite easy, by the way), I put on a dazzling light show that will be the talk of the town.

My black headband? It’s not just sleek, but it’s lightweight and flexible, too. You could dance, prance, or pull off the best mischief in town, and I’ll be right there with you, sitting comfortably atop your head. No strain, no pain, just pure diabolical fun! 🤘🎃

I’m powered by three AG13 batteries, and they’re replaceable too. This means our devilish adventures need not end when the batteries run low. Swap them out and let’s keep the party going! 🔋🔁

I may be devilishly charming, but I also value comfort. My dimensions are carefully designed: with a headband that measures 6.25″ x 6″ and horns that are 1.25″ x 2″, I fit perfectly without causing discomfort. Also, I’m as light as a feather, weighing just 0.163 lbs. I’m all about making your wicked antics as enjoyable as possible! 👹🎉

So, ready for some devilish fun? Grab Ashley, your Prismatic LED Devil Horns, and let’s light up the night! 💥🌙