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Light Up Blue Shot Glass on Blue Beaded Necklaces


🌟 Featuring a vibrant blue LED, Glowing Gary brightens your party and ensures you’ll never lose your glass again.

💡 With three illuminating modes – Flash, Blink, and Steady, Gary is ready to set the mood for any event.

💪 Lightweight yet durable, Gary weighs just 0.11 lbs. No worries about party mishaps here!

🔄 Run out of power? No problem! Gary’s batteries are easily replaceable, ensuring he’s always ready to party.

👌 The perfect size at 2.12″ x 1.87″, Gary fits snugly in your hand for a comfortable grip.

📿 Attached to a 31″ party bead necklace, Gary is always within reach for a quick toast.

🍹 With a volume of 1.5 oz, Glowing Gary holds just the right amount for a perfect shot every time.

👗 Dressed in a dazzling blue, Gary isn’t just a shot glass, he’s a fashionable accessory too.

🎁 The ultimate party favor, Glowing Gary ensures your event will be remembered fondly by all attendees.

🎉 Glowing Gary is more than a shot glass. He’s a fun-loving party companion, ready to light up the night.

Quantity Price
1-2 $1.99
3-5 $1.97
6-8 $1.94
9-11 $1.92
12-71 $1.89
72-143 $1.87
144-287 $1.84
288-575 $1.79
576-1151 $1.74
1152+ $1.69

👋 Hello there, I am Glowing Gary, your new best buddy for an unforgettable party experience! 💙

I come to life with just a press of a button, cycling through 3 fabulous LED functions: Flash, Blink, and Steady. My mesmerizing blue glow is sure to make you the life of the party! 🎉

Now, you must be thinking – ‘A shot glass that lights up? Must be fragile.’ Nope! I am lightweight, weighing a mere 0.11 lbs and with dimensions of 2.12″ x 1.87″, I fit perfectly in your hand! And the best part? My batteries are replaceable. I will never leave you in the dark. 😎

Dressed in blue, attached to a 31″ party bead necklace, I am more than just a shot glass. I’m your loyal party companion, always hanging around, ready for a toast at a moment’s notice. And with a volume of 1.5 oz, I hold just the right amount for a quick shot! 🍹

I am Glowing Gary – a true party favor. Never again will you lose your glass at a party. Why? Because I’m right here, shining brightly around your neck! 🌟 Let’s light up the night and make some memories together. Your parties will never be the same. So, ready to have a ‘shot’ at fun? 😉

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