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LED USA Flag Wand


• Ahoy, patriot! I’m Starling Banner, your LED USA Flag Wand. I’m not just a wand, I’m a glowing symbol of freedom and courage! 🇺🇸💫
• I’m dressed in the colors of the brave—Red, White, and Blue. I promise, you won’t need fireworks when you have me. I’m your personal light show! 🎆
• My power comes from 3 AAA batteries, which are replaceable, ensuring I can light up your nights for as long as you need. I’m about the spectacle, not the hassle! 😎
• Worried about weight? Don’t be! I weigh just a mere 0.666 lbs. I’m all about being light in weight and high on impact!
• My superpower? I can flash and morph lights from the flag right through the handle. It’s a cascade of luminosity from top to bottom, a true sight to behold! 🚀
• Wait until you see my bottom. There’s a mesmerizing LED crystal ball there. When activated, it projects beautiful patriotic lights. It’s like holding a piece of the star-spangled sky in your hand! 🌠
• Wondering how to bring me to life? Simply press the button on my handle. Watch as I light up in three spectacular functions: Fast Flash, Quick Blink, and my personal favorite – the Color Splash! 🎉
• The Color Splash function is a showstopper. It changes speeds automatically, giving you a mesmerizing display of lights that’s as vibrant and dynamic as the Fourth of July! 🎇
• My dream is big. I yearn to soar over the White House on the Fourth of July, painting the sky with my colorful light display. But for now, I’m thrilled to light up your BBQs, parades, and celebrations. 🗽✨
• I’m not just a Flag Wand. I’m a beacon of patriotism, ready to make every occasion an unforgettable spectacle. Remember me, Starling Banner, the next time you want your celebrations to truly shine! 💖

Quantity Price
1-2 $4.59
3-5 $4.54
6-8 $4.49
9-11 $4.44
12-47 $4.39
48-95 $4.29
96-143 $4.19
144-287 $3.99
288+ $3.79

Hello there, patriot! 🎆 It’s me, Starling Banner, your dazzling LED USA Flag Wand by Blinkee. I’m not just an ordinary wand; I’m a representation of the brave and the free, a true Light Up Flag Wand. Born to illuminate your celebrations with the colors of valor – Red, White, and Blue. Who needs traditional fireworks when you’ve got me lighting up your world? 🇺🇸💫

Being a LED Wand, I proudly showcase the blend of technology with patriotism. The power of 3 AAA replaceable batteries fuels my spectacular light display. While doing so, I assure you, I’m no burden to carry around. I weigh a measly 0.666 lbs! This Fourth of July Wand is all about being a dazzling spectacle without the heavy lifting. 😎

Here’s the fun part! I possess the unique ability to flash and morph lights, transitioning seamlessly from the flag through the handle, like a cascading waterfall of luminescence. My light show is something to behold – a Patriotic Light-Up Accessory at its finest. It’s like a star-spangled banner unfurling in the night sky, and you’re holding the control. 🚀

But that’s not all. At the bottom of my handle, I house a mesmerizing LED crystal ball. This spectacular feature allows me to project beautiful patriotic light, creating a mini galaxy right at your fingertips. Imagine holding a slice of the American dream in your hands! 🎇

How do you bring me to life? Just press my handle’s button to experience my 3 light functions: Fast Flash, Quick Blink, and my personal favorite, the hypnotic “Color Splash” option. This mode magically changes speeds automatically, encapsulating the vibrant energy of the Fourth of July right in the palm of your hand! 🎉

But you know what? As a Flag Wand, I have a dream. I yearn to light up the sky over the White House on the Fourth of July, etching a trail of luminous splendor in the heavens. But until then, I’m just as ecstatic to light up your backyard BBQs, parades, and celebrations. I’m your loyal Patriotic Wand, ready to make every occasion a memorable spectacle. After all, isn’t that what a Fourth of July Light Wand is all about? 🗽✨