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LED Team Spirit Pom Pom Orange


🍊Sunburst Cheer Sold 1 per Order: Ignite the crowd with a pom pom that glows with an intense orange LED light, perfect for day or night. 🌞📣

🍊Endless Enthusiasm: Keep the energy high with 3 AG13 batteries that are easily replaceable for non-stop cheering. 🔋👏

🍊Perfectly Sized: At 2 inches wide and 7.5 inches long, the handle is built for a comfortable grip, with 16.5 inches of radiant strands. 📐✨

🍊Effortless Activation: Slide your way to spirit with a simple switch—no complicated steps, just pure excitement. 💡🎉

🍊Solo Spirit: Each pom pom is sold individually to allow for personalized cheer intensity—double up for maximum energy. 🎊👐

🍊Easy Switch Power: Say goodbye to the pull tab and hello to a steady, spirited shine that lights up your support. 💫🕺

🍊Twin Flame: Remember to order two for a full set of spirit—because one hand just isn’t enough to show your passion! 🔥🤲

🍊Vivid Visibility: Designed to be seen, the orange strands stand out in any stadium, making you a beacon of support. 🏟️🔦

🍊Rally Ready: Whether it’s for a pep rally, game day, or fundraiser, these pom poms are an essential accessory. 🏈🎗️

🍊Handheld Fireworks: Each wave is like a burst of fireworks, celebrating every play and igniting every cheer. 🎆🙌

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.49
3-5 $2.47
6-11 $2.44
12-71 $2.39
72-143 $2.34
144-287 $2.29
288-575 $2.24
576-1151 $2.19
1152+ $2.04

Hey fans, I’m Rudy, your go-to LED Orange Pom Pom, here to add some zesty cheer to any game! 🧡🌟

Let’s shake things up with my vibrant orange strands, perfect for waving your team to victory or spicing up any party. And guess what? I light up too! Just imagine a sunset, but flashier. 🔥✨Selling at fundraisers or waving at pep rallies, I’m not just a pom pom—I’m a beacon of team spirit. And with a clear handle that illuminates orange, I’m basically the torchbearer of fan enthusiasm! 📣🍊

Here’s the deal, sporty spice: I pack a punch with three AG13 batteries, and yes, you can totally replace them to keep our cheering game on point. 🔄🔋My handle measures a cozy 2″ x 7.5″, and I flaunt a full 16.5″ of cheerleading fabulousness with strands included. Size matters when you’re this stylish. 📏💃

To get me glowing, just slide that switch on my handle after you remove the pull tab. I promise it’s easier than scoring a touchdown. 🏈💡

Remember, I come as a single burst of cheer, but why stop at one? Order a duo of Rudy’s for double the fun and double the support! ✌️😎

Ideal for games, rallies, or when you just want to be extra, make sure to snag a pair of these light-up wonders to cheer with both hands. Because two is better than one, right? 🎊👐

So what are you waiting for? Let’s light up the stands and show them our fiery orange pride with Rudy, the pom pom that’s got more spirit than a ghost on Halloween! 👻🎉

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