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LED Team Spirit Pom Pom Green


💚Vibrant Green LEDs Sold 1 per Order: Energize the stands with bright green LEDs, perfect for showing off your team spirit. 🍀✨

💚Replaceable AG13 Batteries: Keep the cheer going with easy-to-replace batteries for endless enthusiasm. 🔋🔄

💚Perfectly Sized Handle: Enjoy a comfortable grip with a 2″ x 7.5″ handle, ideal for fans of all ages. 🤲🎉

💚Extended Strand Length: Wave with pride using the 16.5″ long strands, visible far and wide across any stadium. 🏟️💚

💚One-Touch Activation: Start the light show with a simple pull and slide, for a steady green cheer light. 💡👆

💚Solo Piece Power: Each pom pom shines alone, but get two for a complete cheerleader’s arsenal. 📣👯‍♀️

💚Steady Green Glow: Illuminate your support with a consistent, vibrant light that doesn’t flicker or fade. 🌟🔋

💚Game Day Essential: Perfect for fundraisers, pep rallies, and games to amp up the team pride. 🏈🥳

💚Durable and Reliable: Crafted to withstand enthusiastic cheering and many a spirited game night. 🎊🌿

💚Match Your Mascot: Coordinate with your team colors for a unified, dynamic cheering experience. 🐸🔸

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.69
3-5 $2.67
6-11 $2.64
12-71 $2.62
72-143 $2.59
144-287 $2.54
288-575 $2.49
576-1151 $2.44
1152+ $2.39

What’s shaking, sports fans? I’m Tonet, your eco-friendly cheer ambassador here to turn the stadium into a green dream! 🌿✨

Flaunt me at games and watch the crowd go as wild as a jungle safari. With my LED lights, I’m greener than your grandma’s avocado toast—and twice as trendy! 🥑🎉

Juiced up with three AG13 batteries, I can outlast any overtime. And when it’s time for a battery change, just swap ’em out faster than you can say “touchdown!” 🏈🔄

My handle is as comfy as your favorite sneaker, at a nifty 2″ x 7.5″. And these strands? At 16.5 inches, I’m like a grass skirt ready for the cheer hula. 💃

Light me up is a breeze. Pull my tab and slide that switch, and I’ll glow steadier than your love for the home team. 💚🔋

I may come as one piece, but double up for that dynamic duo vibe. Two Tonets? Now that’s a power play! 🏒

Ideal for fundraisers, pep rallies, or just showing off your green pride, I’m the pom-pom that says “Go team!” in eco-style. 🌎🙌

So, are you ready to turn the cheers up a notch? With me in each hand, we won’t just be rooting for our team; we’ll be rooting for the planet too! 🌱📣

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