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LED Spinning Snowman Light Up Musical Wand


  • Tri-Color LED Brilliance: Snowie boasts Red, Green, and Blue LEDs, creating a mesmerizing, colorful snowstorm at the flick of a switch. ❄️🔴🟢🔵
  • Musical Winter Charm: With a slide, Snowie belts out “Jingle Bells,” bringing instant audio merriment to any holiday gathering. 🎵🎄🎶
  • Silent Snow Dance: Prefer visuals only? Slide again for a quiet display of the LED-powered snowy whirl. 🌨️🔇🌟
  • Replaceable Battery Convenience: Powered by three AAA batteries, keep the festive light show going all season long. 🔋♻️🎉
  • Compact Wonder: Snowie’s snug dimensions of 3 inches by 7.75 inches make it the perfect handheld holiday delight. 📏✨🎁
  • Sturdy Seasonal Companion: Crafted to fit comfortably in your hand, this wand is a durable addition to your Christmas cheer. 🤲🎅🏽💪
  • Easy Activation: A user-friendly slide button makes turning on the magic as easy as hanging stockings by the fire. 🔘👆🔥
  • Joyful Jingles Included: Snowie sings the season’s favorite tune, “Jingle Bells,” for a jolly interactive experience. 🎤🎶👏
  • Dual Function Delight: Choose how to spread cheer with or without sound, a versatile feature for every holiday scenario. 🔊🔕✨
  • Light-Up Festivities: Perfect for night parades or as a glowing guide for Santa’s sleigh, Snowie adds light to winter nights. 🎅🏽🛷🌃
Quantity Price
1-2 $5.39
3-5 $5.37
6-8 $5.34
9-11 $5.29
12-47 $5.24
48-95 $5.09
96-239 $4.89
240-479 $4.69
480+ $4.49

Call me Snowie, the charismatic LED Spinning Snowman Light Wand that’s all set to bring a blizzard of fun to your holiday hoopla! 🎉❄️

I’ve got a nifty trick up my sleeve – or should I say, at the base of my frosty figure. With just a simple slide of a button, you control my sparkling LED extravaganza. Slide up for a lively performance of “Jingle Bells” while I whirl around like a snowstorm in Times Square on New Year’s Eve! 🎶🎆

Prefer a little quiet with your light show? Easy-peasy! Slide down and watch me spin a silent spectacle of colors, like a snowman ninja of the night. Stealthy, mesmerizing, and oh-so-cool! 🥷🌈

The magic doesn’t stop there! With two LED functions to choose from, I’m versatile enough to match the mood of any festivity. Singing mode for when the eggnog kicks in, or mute for those moments when you hear enough “Ho Ho Ho” from jolly ol’ Saint Nick. 🍶🎅

Standing proud at 3 inches by 7.75 inches and powered by (3) AAA batteries, I’m the compact companion ready to light up your Christmas from head to mistletoe. And since those batteries are replaceable, our holiday cheer can last longer than the winter. 🔋⏳

With my vibrant red, green, and blue LEDs, I’m all about that festive flair. Watch the foam balls whirl and twirl, capturing the light and creating a spectacle that’s sure to be the talk of the North Pole. 🎡🎁

Now, let’s talk usability. My activation is as simple as a flick of the wrist. No complex instructions, no fiddly bits – just a straightforward slide and you’re ready to light up the holiday season like the Fourth of July! 🎇👍

And let’s not forget – I’m not just for kids. Oh no, I’m a hit at any office party, white elephant exchange, or even that fancy holiday gala where you secretly wish you were in pajamas. I fit in just as snugly as those Christmas cookies fit into Santa’s belly. 🍪👔

So why settle for a silent night when you can have a spinning, singing, sensation? Whether you want your holiday filled with song or just a stunning light performance, let me, Snowie, be your guide to a winter wonderland of excitement! 🌟🎤

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