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LED Skeleton Gloves Multicolor Young Adult Size

1-2 $8.83
3-5 $8.49
6-8 $7.99
9-11 $7.79
12-71 $7.59
72-143 $7.39
144-287 $7.14
288-575 $7.09
576+ $6.99
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Product Description

To activate your LED Skeleton Gloves, find the wrist pocket that battery house is hidden in, undo velcro and remove pull tab. Press button to choose from 6 light functions: fast flash strobe, chill slow color change lights, all on steady, and individual blinks. NOTE: Though sized for Teens, these performance LED Skeleton Gloves fit adults with petite hands too. Stretchy soft material. LED Colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Red, White Gloves come ready to use with 2 replaceable CR2016 Batteries.

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