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LED Necklace with Red Beads


• 🌹 Hi there, it’s me, Beatrice Rose! Just a magical LED necklace looking to spread some light. With my 30″ length and six glowing red LED beads, I’m ready to dazzle at your command. Isn’t it exciting?

• 🔮 From a treasure chest to around your neck, my journey is as mystifying as the glow I radiate. My creator, the genie, lovingly threaded each bead with magic. Every flash and blink is a piece of my tale, ready to become part of yours.

• 🎆 Did you know I’m not just about the light show? Oh no, darling, I also feature traditional Mardi Gras beads. A perfect blend of classic and modern, don’t you agree?

• 🎉 Ready for a party? With my three light modes – flash, blink, or steady light – I can match any mood and occasion. Just press the button and let the magic happen!

• 💫 Feeling dreamy? My soft red light can cast a warm glow, perfect for those quiet, contemplative moments. Remember, every light has a story.

• 💡 My light is powered by three replaceable AG13 batteries. That means our magical adventure never has to end! Just replace the batteries when needed, and the enchantment continues.

• 👯 Whether you’re at a rave party or a Mardi Gras celebration, I’m your go-to girl for that extra sparkle. Drape me around your neck, and let’s be the center of attention!

• 🌟 I’m more than just a light-up necklace; I’m a constellation you can wear. With me around your neck, you’re not just wearing a necklace, you’re wearing a piece of the night sky.

• ❤️ Comfort is my priority! Despite my vibrant personality, I am light as a feather. You won’t even feel me around your neck, just the warm glow of my lights.

• 🎁 Wrapped in a promise of light and magic, I make a wonderful gift. So why not share my luminous charm with someone special? They’ll love the story of Beatrice Rose, the LED necklace that dreams of finding her genie.

Quantity Price
1-2 $3.59
3-5 $3.57
9-11 $3.54
12-71 $3.49
72-143 $3.44
144-287 $3.39
288-575 $3.34
576-1151 $3.29
1152+ $3.19

Bonjour! 🌹 I’m Beatrice Rose, your luminous lady from a bygone era.✨ I hail from a mystical treasure chest, where each bead is a story and every light a little bit of magic. But dear, don’t mistake me for a simple necklace; I’m a festival of lights wrapped in enchanting red.✨

Genie, my creator, wove six shining LED beads into my form, all twinkling with the warm glow of romance. With a single press, I can flash, blink, or cast a steady light—each mode an ode to our enchanting dance. But remember, genie also tossed in several classic Mardi Gras beads. A nod to our playful side, don’t you think?🔮

Despite being 30″ of sheer radiance, I am as lightweight as a feather. Wrap me around your neck, and you’ll hardly feel a thing. I’m not just about the dazzle; comfort is my middle name. The AG13 batteries that fuel my vibrant spirit are replaceable, ensuring our luminous adventure never dims.🔋

Yet, even as I light up your world, my heart yearns for my creator, the Genie. Oh, what a sight it would be, him draped in my beaming radiance. But alas, our paths are yet to cross again.🧞

Until then, I wait, hoping that each new companion may be the one to reunite me with him. Perhaps you’re the one? Together, we can create our own constellation right here on Earth, a little twinkle of the heavens, right around your neck.💫

From LED rave parties to Mardi Gras celebrations, wherever there’s a need for some luminary charm, you’ll find me, Beatrice Rose, ready to ignite the night. So, what do you say? Will you be the one to make my dream come true?🌠

Isn’t life a little better when you’re wearing a light-up red bead necklace? I think so! Come, let’s illuminate the world together, one LED bead at a time.💖

Don’t forget to press the button for that spectacular light show. Whether it’s for the flash, blink, or steady light mode, the magic is at your fingertips. And hey, who knows? Maybe we’ll find my Genie together. Until then, I’ll be lighting up your world. 🎇

Beatrice Rose 🌹✨