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LED Necklace with Purple Metallic Beads for Mardi Gras


  • 1️⃣✨ Infuse energy into every party with Lavene, the Purple Pizzazz LED Necklace Beads, sparkling with vibrant purple lights.💜
  • 2️⃣🎭 An ideal accessory for Mardi Gras, Fundraisers, 5K Runs, or any Awareness Events, Lavene is more than just a necklace—it’s a showstopper. 🎉🏃‍♂️🌈
  • 3️⃣💡 Lavene offers three exciting light modes—Flash, Blink, and Steady, each one creating a mesmerizing glow that captures attention.🔮🕺
  • 4️⃣🔋 Lavene’s illumination is powered by three AG13 batteries, which can be replaced to keep the light show going.💪💫
  • 5️⃣📏 At a comfortable length of 30 inches, Lavene fits effortlessly around the neck, turning every wearer into the life of the party. 🎈💃
  • 6️⃣⚖️ Despite its stunning light display, Lavene remains lightweight at only 0.115 lbs, making it a comfortable accessory for hours of wear.🧚‍♂️🌠
  • 7️⃣🔐 Lavene comes with a breakaway clasp for safety, ensuring fast removal in any situation for the wearer’s peace of mind.💕🔒
  • 8️⃣💥 The metallic beads glow in the dark, creating a stunning visual that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.👀🌟
  • 9️⃣🎖️ Stand out from the crowd with Lavene—the ultimate LED necklace that transforms any event into an unforgettable light show.👑🎆
  • 🔟🎂 Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and more, Lavene is a versatile accessory that elevates any occasion.🥳🌐
Quantity Price
1-2 $3.59
3-5 $3.57
6-11 $3.54
12-71 $3.49
72-143 $3.44
144-287 $3.39
288-575 $3.34
576-1151 $3.29
1152+ $3.19

Hey there, I’m Lavene, your soon-to-be favorite purple necklace! 🙋‍♂️💜

I’m here to add some electric pizzazz to your life. Mardi Gras? Fundraising events? 5K runs? You name it, I light it up! 🎉🔮🏃‍♂️

I’m not just a necklace, I’m a party on a string. My metallic beads, spaced out evenly, glow with a fabulous purple hue. I’m not pink, by the way, I just have a flashy personality. 😉💅

Worried about safety? Fret not, for I come with a breakaway clasp. If things get a bit too crazy, I know when to let go. Safety first, right? 🙌💥

Getting me started is easy-peasy. Just press my button after removing the battery protector and voila! Three fabulous light modes – Flash, Blink, and Steady – all at your fingertips. I’m your one-stop accessory for all things fun, funky, and flashy. Let’s light up the world together! 💡🌎💃

Oh, and did I mention my battery’s replaceable? With me around, the party never stops. So what are you waiting for? Let’s glow! 🚀✨🥳