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White LED Switch Activated Bottle Base Light Display Drink Coaster


LED Colors: White
Batteries: (3) AAA, Replaceable
Dimensions: 3.65″ Diam.
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.236 lbs


Quantity Price
1-2 $4.19
3-5 $4.14
6-11 $4.09
12-71 $4.04
72-143 $3.99
144-287 $3.89
288-575 $3.69
576-1151 $3.59
1152+ $3.49

Hey there, folks! They call me Walter the White Wizard, but you can just call me Wally if you like. 😎 I’m not your ordinary LED base; I’m a master of light, ready to add a touch of magic to any occasion! 💡✨

Got a wedding coming up? Want to spice up your barware? Or maybe you’re looking to give your DIY centerpieces a bit of a ‘wow’ factor? Well, with my glorious white LED lights, I’m your guy! Trust me, I’m going to make everything look spellbinding! 👰🎉🍾

Using me is a piece of cake! Just feed me three AAA batteries (yes, they’re replaceable, I like to keep things easy 😉), flick the on/off switch, and let the magic begin. My light shines steady, casting a mesmerizing glow on everything I touch. 🎇🔋

But let’s talk logistics. I’m 3.65″ in diameter and weigh only 0.229 lbs. I’m compact, lightweight, and super easy to incorporate into your decorations. I fit comfortably in bottles, vases, and even your most creative of decorations. 📏⚖️

You can place your chosen piece on top of me, or for a bit of a twist, you can put me inside something creative! I’ll light it up and turn it into a hypnotic centerpiece. So let’s light up your world together with me, Walter the White Wizard! 🌟🔮

  • 💡Walter the White Wizard casts a powerful, white LED light, perfect for illuminating your bottles, vases, and other decorations, creating an enchanting ambiance in any setting.✨🏮
  • 🔄Walter is super easy to operate. A simple on/off switch activates his magical light, transforming your space in an instant! No need to wrestle with complicated gadgets, Walter’s here to make your life easier. 🔌💡
  • 🔋Equipped with a trio of AAA batteries, Walter is not only illuminating but energy-efficient too. And don’t worry about power, the batteries are replaceable to ensure that Walter’s light never fades. 🔆🔄
  • 🏋️With a weight of just 0.229 lbs, Walter is light as a feather, easy to position, and portable. No matter how or where you need to set up, Walter is always ready to go! 🚀💪
  • 📏Despite his potent light, Walter is compact, boasting a diameter of 3.65″. He’s designed to fit seamlessly into various settings, whether you have a narrow bottle or a wide vase. Walter adjusts! 🍾🌸
  • 🎇The steady, hypnotic white light of Walter creates an atmosphere like no other. Be it a party, a wedding, or a quiet evening, let Walter set the mood right! 🎉🌟
  • 🔄Whether you need an up-light or want to illuminate something from within, Walter has got you covered. Place him under or inside your choice of object, and watch him transform it! 🎁🔮
  • 👍Built with sturdy and durable materials, Walter promises to serve you for many events to come. He’s a reliable companion, ready to light up your special occasions without a glitch. 🏗️💖
  • 🍸From barware lighting to wedding décor, Walter’s versatility makes him a perfect match for all themes and occasions. Your dependable, all-around lighting solution is here! 🎂🎈
  • 💎With Walter, you’re investing in more than just a lighting solution. Walter enhances the overall aesthetics of your décor, adding that extra touch of elegance and magic. 🏰🌹

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Steve McCoy
Just what I was looking for

The stand works perfectly....My only suggestion would be to have the on/off button on the side, so you don't have to remove your items on top to turn it on and off....Other than that it's great