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Blue LED Switch Activated Bottle Base Light Display Drink Coaster


LED Colors: Blue
Batteries: (3) AAA, Replaceable
Dimensions: 3.65″ Diam.
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.236 lbs


Out of stock

Hello there! I’m Bob the Bedazzler, and I’m more than just a pretty face. 😎 I’m your best companion when it comes to lighting up your life… literally! I come equipped with a set of charming blue LED lights to add a dash of magic to your world. 🔵💡

You planning a wedding? Or looking to jazz up your barware? Or how about giving that fancy glass sculpture of yours a radiant makeover? Well, you’re in luck, cause that’s my jam! I’m all about bringing that special “ooh-la-la” to your occasions! 🎉💍🍾🎨

Getting me to work is as easy as pie. Just feed me three AAA batteries (yup, I’m on a diet but those are replaceable 😉), flip my switch, and voila! I’m ready to steal the show. And I promise, I won’t blink or flicker – I’m your rock-steady ray of light! 🎇🔋

And guess what, I’m as compact as a cupcake! At 3.65″ in diameter, I can fit into your vases, bottles, or wherever else you might need a dash of dazzle. And weighing in at a whopping 0.229 lbs, I’m the featherweight champion of the lighting world! 📏⚖️

All you gotta do is plop your favorite piece on top of me or even better, put me inside something creative. You’ll see me transform it into a hypnotic centerpiece that’s sure to earn you a few “wows”. So, go ahead, light up your world with me, Bob the Bedazzler! 🌟🎭

  • 💡Bob the Bedazzler offers an enchanting blue LED light, perfect for illuminating your vases, bottles, and glass sculptures. This unique aesthetic addition adds a captivating glow to any setting! 🔵🎨
  • 🔄Easily activated by a simple on/off switch, Bob allows you to brighten up your world in an instant! No fumbling with complicated mechanisms, simply flip the switch and light up your life. 🔌💡
  • 🔋Powered by three AAA batteries, Bob is not just dazzling but also efficient. The batteries are conveniently replaceable, ensuring that your Bob keeps shining for as long as you need him to. 👌🔆
  • 🏋️At a mere 0.229 lbs, Bob is lightweight, making him easy to position and transport. Whether you’re setting up for an event or moving things around, Bob won’t weigh you down. 🚚💪
  • 📏Compact in size with a 3.65″ diameter, Bob the Bedazzler can comfortably fit into a variety of setups. Whether you have a small vase or a large bottle, Bob fits just right! 🍾✨
  • 🎇The steady blue light of Bob creates a hypnotic ambiance, perfect for setting the mood at weddings, parties, or just a quiet night in. Let Bob be the life of your party! 🎉🌟
  • 🔄Bob the Bedazzler works equally well as an up-light or placed inside an object. Whether you want to light up a vase from below or a bottle from within, Bob is flexible. 🎁🔮
  • 👍Bob’s sturdy construction ensures long-term use. Crafted with care, Bob guarantees to keep your occasions illuminated without a hitch for many events to come. 🏗️💖
  • 🍸From barware to wedding décor, Bob’s versatility makes him a perfect fit for a variety of themes and occasions. Let Bob the Bedazzler be your go-to lighting solution! 🎂🎈
  • 💎With Bob, you get more than just a lighting solution. You get a product that enhances the overall aesthetic of your décor. Let Bob add that touch of sophistication to your setup! 🏰🌹