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LED Light and Sound Halloween Pumpkin Baton


LED Colors: Green, Red, Blue (Mix to create a multicolor effect)
Batteries: (3) AAA, Replaceable
Dimensions: Length: 12.5″; Width: 3″
Weight: 0.623 lbs


Quantity Price
1-2 $4.19
3-5 $4.14
6-8 $4.09
9-11 $3.99
12-35 $3.94
36-143 $3.89
144-287 $3.79
288-575 $3.69
576+ $3.59

🎃 Hey, it’s Witchysa here, your mystical LED Witchy Pumpkin Wand with Sound & Lights! I’m not just any Halloween wand; I’m a magical spectacle, ready to WOW every trick-or-treater in town. 🌟

Ever seen a disco ball on a wand? No? Well, you’re about to. My mystical light-projecting disco ball will bedazzle you, creating a truly enchanting Halloween ambiance. And did I mention my spooky sound effects? Laugh with me, and let’s create an eerily fun atmosphere! 🤩👻

I know, safety is paramount, especially on Halloween night. That’s why I’m here. I not only add a spooky touch to your costume but also make sure you’re seen. Parents, rejoice! Your little ones are safe and sound (no pun intended) with Witchysa! 🎃🔦

I am a lightweight wizard with a length of 12.5″ and a width of 3″, and I weigh just 0.623 lbs. Trust me, even the youngest witches and warlocks can carry me around easily. Plus, I glow in a spectacular mix of Green, Red, and Blue LED lights. Talk about standing out in the crowd! 💚❤️💙

Mom, I heard you’re excited for the family dinner this Halloween’s eve. I’m just as thrilled! Imagine me, the center of attraction, illuminating your gathering with my multicolor magic and filling the room with delightful laughter. Just remember to save me some candy, won’t you? 🍬🎃

Activating Witchysa, your trusty LED Witchy Pumpkin Wand, is as easy as casting a spell. Just press the button near the top of my handle and watch me come to life. Lights will flash, and when you wave me around, I’ll reward you with a spooky laugh. Sounds like a perfect Halloween night, doesn’t it? 🎉👻

  • 🎃🔮 Embrace the magic of Halloween with Witchysa, your LED Witchy Pumpkin Wand with Sound & Lights. It’s not just a toy; it’s a spellbinding experience that you won’t forget!
  • 🌈✨ Witchysa shines bright with a blend of Green, Red, and Blue LED lights, creating a mesmerizing multicolor effect that’s perfect for a spooky Halloween night.
  • 🎤👻 Filled with spookiness, Witchysa is equipped with a spooky laugh sound effect, all set to entertain you and your little ones during the Halloween festivities.
  • 📏 Weighing only 0.623 lbs and with dimensions of 12.5″ in length and 3″ in width, Witchysa is light and comfortable to hold – ideal for little hands that love to wave magic wands!
  • 🕹️ Activation is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply press the button near the top of the handle to watch Witchysa come to life with flashing lights and an eerie laugh.
  • 🔦 As much as it is fun, Witchysa is also about safety. It ensures your little ones are seen and safe while trick-or-treating on a dark Halloween night.
  • 🔋 Powered by three replaceable AAA batteries, Witchysa guarantees a long-lasting mystical Halloween experience for you and your little ones.
  • 🎉 From trick-or-treating to Halloween family dinners, Witchysa is the perfect companion to add an extra touch of spookiness and magic to all your Halloween events.
  • 🎁 Looking for the perfect Halloween gift? Look no further! Witchysa, the LED Witchy Pumpkin Wand with Sound & Lights, is sure to bring a smile to any child’s face.
  • 🥳 With Witchysa, every Halloween becomes a memorable one. It’s not just about the candies; it’s about the magic, the light, the sound, and the joy of this mystical season.