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LED Halloween Trick or Treat Bag


LED Colors: Red
Batteries: (3) AG10, Replaceable
Dimensions: 9″ Diam.; 12″ Deep


Quantity Price
1-2 $4.79
3-5 $4.74
6-11 $4.69
12-47 $3.89
48-95 $3.84
96-239 $3.79
240-479 $3.74
480-959 $3.69
960+ $3.54

Hello, Halloween enthusiasts! I’m Monster-merry, your LED Pumpkin Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Bag! 🎃

Forget those flimsy paper bags or plain old plastic buckets; I’m your flashy, sturdy, and oh-so-glorious candy-collecting companion. My proud Jack-O-Lantern face will be lighting up the night and leading you to the sweetest loot! 🍭

With my malleable structure and vibrant red lights, I’m all about blending utility with festive aesthetics. I promise to hold pounds of candy and keep you visible throughout your Halloween night adventures. Safety and fun—that’s my motto! 🍬

Sporting a considerable diameter of 9″ and a depth of 12″, I’m ready to accommodate your ambitious candy collection targets. Plus, at a lightweight 0.229 lbs, I’m a breeze to carry around. 🌙

My dazzling LED lights run on three AG10 batteries. The LED tube is cleverly situated around my rim, maximizing visibility. To activate, simply remove the battery protection and press the black button. Prepare to be mesmerized by my three light functions—scrolling, flashing, and back-and-forth scrolling. 🌟

In a nutshell, I’m not just any Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Bag. I’m Monster-merry, your go-to buddy for a safe, memorable, and candy-filled Halloween’s eve. Get ready to light up the night and have the most fantastic Trick-or-Treat experience ever! 🎃👻🍫

  • 🎃 Meet Monster-merry, your ultimate Halloween companion in the form of an LED Pumpkin Trick-or-Treat Bag.
  • 💡 Armed with bright, glorious, and safe red LED lights, Monster-merry promises to brighten up your Halloween adventure.
  • 🎒 Boasting a sturdy yet malleable structure, Monster-merry can comfortably hold pounds of candy without giving in.
  • 📏 With dimensions of 9″ diameter and 12″ depth, there’s enough room in Monster-merry to store all your Halloween treats.
  • 🌙 Weighing just 0.229 lbs, Monster-merry is lightweight and easy to carry around during your trick-or-treat escapades.
  • 🔋 Monster-merry is powered by three AG10 batteries, ensuring a continuous and vibrant glow all through your Halloween night.
  • 🎇 Activate Monster-merry by pressing the black button, which triggers three captivating light functions: scrolling, flashing, and back-and-forth scrolling.
  • 🎊 With Monster-merry’s flashing LED lights, you’ll not only have fun but also stay visible and safe throughout Halloween night.
  • 👻 Featuring a festive Jack-O-Lantern face design, Monster-merry embodies the perfect blend of Halloween aesthetics and practical utility.
  • 🍭 Opt for Monster-merry, the LED Pumpkin Trick-or-Treat Halloween Bag, to make your Halloween celebrations brighter, safer, and more fun!

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