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LED Flashing Multicolor Black Hightop Sneaker Shoes Size Five and a Half


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To activate Light Sneakers, reach into inside of shoe for button to activate 11 light modes:

  1. Solid Red
  2. Solid Green
  3. Solid Blue
  4. Solid Lime
  5. Solid Turquoise
  6. Solid Pink
  7. Solid White
  8. Flashing White
  9. Blink + Color Change
  10. Fast Flash
  11. Fast Flash + Color Change

Important Care Instructions (Also included in packaging):

  • DO NOT wear in rain or puddles
  • DO NOT store in hot temperatures
  • Spot clean ONLY — Damp cloth & mild soap — NOT washer/dryer safe

To charge your LED Flashing Hightop Sneaker Shoes , plug included USB cable into button on inside pocket of shoe, then charge by plugging into a computer or wall outlet with USB adapter.

Charge 8 hours for full use — Batteries last approx. 3-4 hours (the length of any fun event or night out) on full charge.

Fun Fact: Get the most out of shoe’s battery life with flashier light modes 8-11!

LED Colors: Red, Blue, Green (Combine to create 7 color modes and 4 neat flashing/color change combinations)

Women’s Size: 5.5

LED Flashing Black Hightop Sneaker Shoes come in women’s sizes 5.5 – 9.5. Check out our website for all other sizes.

These awesome Shoes are also available in Children and Men’s shoe sizes!

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