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LED Flashing Fedora Hat with Purple Sequins


  1. 💜🔦 Spotlight White LEDs: Crafted with brilliant white lights that add a sparkling contrast to the purple sequins for maximum dazzle.
  2. 🔋 Easy Battery Replacement: Runs on two CR2032 batteries, ensuring you can keep shining bright with a quick switch.
  3. 📐 Versatile Fit for All: Designed to comfortably fit any head with a circumference of up to 22 inches, making it a universal accessory.
  4. 🎆 Dynamic Light Modes: Equipped with three light settings including a vibrant flash, a playful blink, and a classic steady glow.
  5. ✨ Purple Sequin Sparkle: Each sequin meticulously placed to catch light and eyes, ensuring you’re the star of the show.
  6. 🎉 Party Perfect: Whether it’s a gala, a birthday, or Valentine’s Day, this fedora is your go-to for standing out.
  7. 🕶️ Sleek Design: Combines the timeless fedora style with modern LED technology for a chic yet playful look.
  8. 🌙 Night-Time Necessity: Ideal for evening events where you wish to make a memorable statement with a touch of light.
  9. 🎶 Dance Floor Ready: Stay illuminated on the move, perfect for those who love to dance the night away.
  10. 🕵️ Hidden Control: Activation button discreetly located inside the hat for seamless light mode transitions.
Quantity Price
1-2 $6.49
3-5 $6.44
6-11 $6.39
12-23 $6.34
24-95 $6.19
96-239 $6.09
240-479 $5.99
480-959 $5.69
960+ $5.39

🎩🟣 Step right up and feast your eyes on me, Kyuso, the LED Flashing Fedora Hat with Purple Sequins that’s causing a fabulous fuss everywhere it goes! My white LEDs aren’t just lights; they’re spotlights for your swagger. 💜✨

Don’t just enter the room, darling, make an entrance! With a tap of a button hidden in my lining, I can flash, blink, or steady shine, depending on your mood. It’s like having a personal light show on your head. Who needs a disco ball when you’ve got me? 🕺💫

Whether it’s a swanky soirée, a classy nocturnal event, or a sweet surprise for Valentine’s Day, I’m the hit hat that won’t quit. And don’t stress about the size; I’m a one-size-fits-all wonder, hugging heads up to 22 inches with comfort and style. 🎊

Running on two CR2032 batteries, which you can totally replace, I promise to keep the party glowing as long as your feet are moving. No juice? No problem! Pop in new batteries and let the good times roll again. 🔋🎉

When the sun goes down, it’s my time to rise! So why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Put on a bit of Kyuso and watch as every moment turns into a memorable one. Let’s make tonight unforgettable, shall we? 🎩🟣

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