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LED Flashing Fedora Hat with Green Sequins


👒 Sophie sparkles with brilliant green LEDs, turning any event into a luminous spectacle worthy of the Emerald Isle itself. 🍀💚

👒 Powered for the long haul with two CR2032 batteries, Sophie ensures your light shines bright, all night. 🔋✨

👒 Universally accommodating with a snug fit for head sizes up to 22 inches, Sophie is the inclusive star of any wardrobe. 🎩🌟

👒 Choose your sparkle style with a simple press: Flash for high energy, Blink for a rhythmic vibe, or Steady to glow constant. 💃🕺

👒 Sophie’s green sequins aren’t just for show; they amplify her LED glow, making you the heart of the party’s pulse. 💚🎶

👒 Say goodbye to one-wear wonders; Sophie’s batteries are easily replaceable for endless nights of fun. 🔄😎

👒 Whether it’s Mardi Gras or St. Patrick’s Day, Sophie’s green gleam is your ticket to celebrating in radiant style. 🎭🍀

👒 Don’t be shy to stand out; Sophie’s LED glow is designed to make you the talk of any event. 🗣️✨

👒 Practical and fashionable, Sophie marries style with technology, ensuring you’re equipped to be the light of the party. 👒💡

👒 Embrace the spirit of celebration; Sophie’s green LEDs offer a flash of joy for every festive soul. 🎉🌈

Quantity Price
1-2 $6.49
3-5 $6.44
6-11 $6.39
12-23 $6.34
24-95 $6.19
96-239 $6.09
240-479 $5.99
480-959 $5.69
960+ $5.39

Hey there! I’m Sophie, the LED Flashing Fedora Hat with Green Sequins, and I’m about to be your ultimate party companion! 🍀✨ Forget the pot of gold; I’m the treasure at the end of the rainbow. With my snazzy green LEDs, I’ll make sure you’re not just part of the parade, you ARE the parade! 🌈🎉

Mardi Gras? St. Patrick’s Day? A Tuesday? There’s never a bad time to wear a luminous hat like moi. Just click my hidden button, and voila! It’s showtime with Flash, Blink, or a Steady glow. 🎭🎇

One size fits all? You bet your lucky charms it does! I’m ready to top off heads up to 22 inches with a pinch of sass and a whole lot of class. 🎩💚 Powered by two CR2032 batteries, I’m the gift that keeps on giving. Out of juice? Just pop in a new pair, and we’re back to the festivities! 🎶🔋 Whether you’re jigging at a party, charming a classy event, or dazzling your Valentine, I’m the hit hat that makes every moment a highlight. 💃❤️

My green sequins aren’t just for looks. They catch my LED lights and throw a spectacular light show that’s greener than your neighbor’s envy. 😏🔥 So don your Sophie and get ready to bask in the limelight. With me on your noggin, you’re not just lighting up the room; you’re lighting up the world! 🌍💡

Remember, life’s too short for boring accessories. Let’s make memories brighter, one LED flash at a time. With me, every day’s a reason to celebrate! 🥳👒

Signing off, Sophie, your festive fedora with flair. Let’s go light up the town, one dazzling reflection at a time! 🏙️✨

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