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Light Up LED Flashing Fedora Hat with Checkered Sequins


🌟 LED Brilliance: Decked out with white LEDs for that dazzling shine, perfect for any party scene.

🔋 Stay Powered: Comes with two CR2032 batteries – easy to replace, keeping the fun going.

📏 Snug Fit: Universal fit for head sizes up to 22 inches, ensuring comfort for all.

🎩 Easy Activation: A simple button press inside lights up the magic.

💡 Versatile Modes: Choose from random flashes, a steady glow, or a classic blink to suit your vibe.

🕺 Dance-Ready: Lightweight design that won’t hold you back as you groove.

✨ Sequined Sparkle: Checkered sequins reflect light for an unbeatable sparkle.

🌐 Any Event Star: Ideal for New Year’s, Halloween, or that special night out.

🔄 Swap Batteries: Never run out of light with easily changeable batteries.

🎁 Gift of Glow: The perfect present for the life of the party.

Quantity Price
1-2 $6.49
3-5 $6.44
6-11 $6.39
12-23 $6.34
24-95 $6.19
96-239 $6.09
240-479 $5.99
480-959 $5.69
960+ $5.39

Hey there, I’m Chino, the Light Up LED Flashing Fedora Hat with Checkered Sequins, and I’m here to make you the center of attention! 🎩✨

Are you ready to stand out like the star you are? With my black and silver checkered charm and shimmering sequins, I’ll make sure all eyes are on you, whether it’s New Year’s Eve, Halloween, or just another Saturday night at the club! 💃🕺

Let’s talk specs, shall we? I’m equipped with dazzling white LED lights that play a symphony of flash, blink, or steady glow, all to match your every mood. And don’t you worry about size – I’m a one-size-fits-all wonder, comfortably capping heads up to 22 inches! 🤩

Powering up is a breeze with my (2) CR2032 batteries, and yes, they’re replaceable because I’m in it for the long haul, baby! To kickstart the light show, just press the button on my discreet battery pack tucked inside. Voilà! Instant ambiance! 🔋🌟

I’m not just a hat; I’m a statement. A declaration of your unapologetic awesomeness. A beacon of fun in a sea of ordinary. So, why settle for blending in when you were born to stand out? Pop me on your noggin and let’s light up the night together! 🎉

Remember, with great power (and sequins) comes great… parties? Yeah, let’s go with that. Grab your Chino today and let’s get this party started! 🥳👒

Customer Reviews

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Lindia Lachaux

I asked for a white and black checker hat. You sent me silver and black, the wrong color.