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LED Flashing Cowboy Hat with Orange Sequins


  • 👑 Meet Alani, the LED Cowboy Hat! Light up your night with the Disco Desperado edition. Its shiny orange fabric catches eyes even before its LED lights steal the show. 🍊🌟
  • 💡 The magic comes from orange LED lights hidden along the brim. Batteries included and replaceable. Power your night and dazzle your friends! 💥🔋
  • 👻 Perfect for Halloween, adding both a fun costume element and a safety feature for those dark October nights. Don’t just celebrate, illuminate! 🎃
  • 🎉 Not just for Halloween! Great for festivals, parties, rodeos, and concerts. Whenever you want to stand out, Alani’s your guy! 🎈
  • 💃 Amp up your dance moves with a hat that moves with you. As you boogie, the LEDs cycle through flashing, blinking, and steady light modes. 🕺🎶
  • 🤠 Western meets modern with this funky accessory. Go from rodeo to rave with just a click of a button. Yeehaw, cowboy! 🐎
  • ⭐ Big size for big fun. Alani measures 15″ x 9.5″ x 5″. That’s a lot of hat and a whole lot of light! 🌵
  • 🎁 Makes a unique gift for those who love to make a statement. Alani comes ready to wear, batteries and all. Just remove the pull tab and let there be light! 🎂
  • 👌 Easy to use with a button located on the inside of the hat. Switching between light modes has never been simpler! ☝️
  • 🤩 From the Electric Rodeo Star model line. This hat isn’t just an accessory, it’s a showstopper. Join the party, cowboy! 🍻
Quantity Price
1-2 $7.39
3-5 $7.34
6-11 $7.29
12-47 $7.24
48-95 $7.19
96-239 $7.09
240-479 $6.99
480-959 $6.59
960+ $6.29

Howdy partners!🤠 Meet me, Alani, the Shiniest, Orangiest, Cowboy Hat in the wild, wild West. And oh, did I mention? I’m not just your average cowboy hat. Nah, I’ve got something special under my brim…or should I say, on it. Y’see, I’ve got an Orange LED Brim that’d make a disco ball jealous. YEEHAW! 🕺

If you’ve got boots and they’re made for walkin’, then I’m made for talkin’. Or more accurately, flashin’. I flash, blink, and glow steady like a lighthouse in a foggy night. Yep, I’m the lighthouse, and all those dance floor folks are about to crash into the rocks of your awesomeness. WOOOO! 🎇

Underneath this here rugged exterior (which, by the way, measures a neat 15″ x 9.5″ x 5″ – perfect for noggin’ of nearly any size), I’m powered by two CR2032 batteries. And, these batteries ain’t just any batteries, they’re replaceable, which means our party ain’t ending till the cows come home! I’m only a sprightly 1.108 lbs too, light as a tumbleweed in a desert breeze. 🤠

Let’s face it, every cowboy or cowgirl needs their trusty hat, but not every hat can be like me. No sir, I’m not just a hat, I’m a rodeo, a fiesta, a carnival on your cranium! I’m ready to illuminate your Halloween, your hoedown, or just a Tuesday night if you’re feeling zesty. 🎉

So, partner, are you ready to dazzle ’em with our combined charm? Are you ready to giddy up and glow? Because I’m telling ya, with me on your head, it’ll be like the Fourth of July at Christmas! Get ready, ’cause Alani is about to make you the belle or beau of the barn dance! 🌟👯‍♂️🎃

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