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LED Faux Fur Boa White


  • 💡 Radiant white LEDs: Bask in the glow of pure white lights, turning any event into an ethereal experience with this 80-inch LED Fur Boa. 🌟
  • 🔋 Long-lasting power: Equipped with 2 replaceable CR2032 batteries, this boa keeps the night alight, ensuring you’re never left in the dark. 💫
  • 📏 Majestic length: Draped in splendor, the boa’s impressive 80-inch length allows for luxurious wear and a striking presence at any soiree. 🎭
  • Triple light magic: Choose from flash, blink, or still light settings to match your mood or the movement of the music at any gala or club. 🕺
  • 🎇 Dazzling flash function: Illuminate your entrance with a dynamic flash setting, ensuring every eye is captivated by your shimmering silhouette. 📸
  • 💖 Enchanting blink mode: A gentle blink function offers a subtle yet captivating allure, perfect for intimate gatherings or romantic evenings. 💞
  • 🏰 Elegant still light: The still light setting provides a continuous glow, enveloping you in an aura of sophistication at exclusive events. 🌌
  • 🎉 Effortless activation: With a hidden central button, ignite your boa’s radiance with ease, transitioning smoothly through its light functions. 🌟
  • 🥳 Party-perfect accessory: Designed for night clubs, music festivals, white parties, and gala events, this boa is the ultimate conversation starter. 🍾
  • 🧚‍♂️ Fairy-tale feel: Embrace a fairy-tale moment as the white LED boa casts a magical spell over your attire, making every outing a fantasy come true. ✨
Quantity Price
1-2 $14.99
3-5 $14.89
6-8 $14.79
9-11 $14.69
12-47 $14.59
48-95 $14.29
96-239 $13.99
240-479 $13.79
480+ $13.59

Darlings, step aside, for Aryana, the queen of nightlight chic has arrived! 🌟 Wrapped in my 80 inches of fabulous faux fur, I’m not just a boa; I’m a glowing sensation! 💃
Ever dreamt of strolling through a gala with your own personal halo? Well, dream no more! My LED lights don’t just shine; they turn the night divine! ✨
With a tap of my hidden button, nestled in the plush depths of my snowy fluff, I’ll give you flash, blink, or a still light that’s just enough. 🎆

Imagine this: You, me, and a night club’s dance floor. As you move, I groove with lights that make the crowd beg for more. 🕺
Or perhaps you’re at a music festival, lost in the beats. Don my white lights, and you’re no longer lost; you’re leading the fleet! 🎶

White parties? Darling, please. I was made for them. I’m the touch of glam every all-white ensemble screams for. 🦢
And let’s not forget the gala events. When you enter the room with me, it’s not just heads that turn; it’s the entire scene that pivots. 🏰
Powered by two CR2032 batteries, I’m replaceable in more ways than one. But between us, you’ll never want to replace me. 😉
With my three light functions, I can be the flash that catches the eye, the blink that breaks the ice, or the still light that whispers elegance. 🌃

So, why blend in when you were born to stand out? With Aryana, the white lights faux fur boa, you’re not just wearing a statement. You’re illuminating it!” 😘✨