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LED Christmas Bow Light Up Headband


  1. 🎀 Dazzling Red LED: Embrace the festive spirit with a radiant red glow that ensures you’re the sparkling star of every Christmas gathering.
  2. 🔴 Purely Red Brilliance: Immerse in the spirit of the holidays with the headband’s unmissable and striking red LED colors.
  3. 🔋 Powered by AG10 Batteries: Fuel your festive spirit! Three AG10 batteries ensure your headband illuminates every holiday moment.
  4. 🔄 Replace & Rejoice: With the convenience of replaceable AG10 batteries, the festive brightness never dims, making every moment shine.
  5. 📏 Generously Sized: With dimensions of 9 x 10 inches, this headband makes a statement, ensuring you stand out in the festive crowd.
  6. 🎄 Perfect Festive Dimension: Measuring a comfortable 9 x 10 inches, it’s designed to sit snugly while making a festive splash.
  7. 🎁 Stellar Light Modes: Customizable joy! Choose from three light modes – Flash, Blink, or Steady Light, to match your festive mood.
  8. 🌟 Easy Activation for Continuous Cheer: A simple press on the battery house button lets you scroll through light modes, ensuring you shine just right.
  9. 💡 Three Ways to Shine: Whether you’re in a flashy, blinky, or steady state of mind, this headband has got you covered!
  10. 🚀 Launch into Festive Mode: Instantly elevate any outfit into a festive ensemble with a brilliant red LED display that’s impossible to miss.
Quantity Price
1-2 $4.19
3-5 $4.14
6-8 $4.09
9-11 $4.04
12-47 $3.99
48-95 $3.89
96-239 $3.79
240-479 $3.69
480+ $3.59

Hello, festive folks! 🎄 Kimmie here, your very own Christmas Bow Headband with the sassiest sparkle in town. I’m not your average hair accessory; I come alive with a radiant red glow! 🎀✨

Why blend in when you can stand out? With me perched on your head, you’ll be the center of attention at every yuletide event. Be it the neighborhood’s “Christmas in the Park,” the oh-so-formal Company Holiday Party, or even the grandeur of a Holiday Tree Festival. And hey, lounging around at home in pajamas on Christmas morning? I’ll make that moment Instagram-worthy too! 🏡📸

Peek into my specs: I flash in a brilliant red. Energized by three AG10 batteries, I promise to keep the festive spirit high and bright. With dimensions of 9 x 10 inches, I am the perfect crowning glory to your holiday ensemble. 👑❤️

Feeling a mood swing coming on? I’ve got you! With a little button on my battery house, you can make me flash, blink, or shine steadily. Pick a mode, and let’s dazzle together! 💃🔴

So, whether you’re looking to jazz up your festive outfit or simply bring some holiday cheer wherever you go, remember, with me on your head, you’re bound to spread joy and win some appreciative nods. After all, ’tis the season to be jolly… and what better way than with a lit-up bow on your noggin? 🥳🌟