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LED Necklace with Green and Gold Metallic Beads for St Patricks Day


💚 Embrace the emerald shine with 8 jade green LEDs, perfect for adding a luminous touch to any festivity. 🍀💡

💚 Energized by 3 AG13 batteries, this necklace is designed for long-lasting, replaceable convenience. 🔋🔄

💚 Stretching a full 31 inches, our LED Bead Necklace drapes elegantly for a statement piece that’s hard to miss. ✨📏

💚 A simple button press on the battery pack awakens a dazzling display of two flash speeds or a serene steady light. 🎚️✨

💚 Effortless activation: just remove the pull tab and press to bring your bead necklace to life. 🏷️👆

💚 A regal accessory, crafted for both high-speed revelry and tranquil illumination. 💚👑

💚 Each bead is a capsule of glow, creating an enchanting string of light for any nighttime event. 🌟🌙

💚 A wearable light show, offering dynamic modes to match the pulse of your party or the calm of your evening. 🎉🌆

💚 The necklace’s green LED colors symbolize energy and renewal, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or any celebration. 🍀🎊

💚 With its easy-to-replace batteries, the LED Bead Necklace promises endless nights of sparkling fun. 🔋💃

Quantity Price
1-2 $4.19
3-5 $4.14
6-8 $4.09
9-11 $4.04
12-71 $3.99
72-143 $3.94
144-287 $3.89
288-575 $3.84
576-1007 $3.79
1008+ $3.69

🍀 Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! I’m Jivenjhie, the LED Necklace that turns every shindig into St. Paddy’s Day! Why be ordinary when you can be a walking, talking pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow? 💰🌈

🔆 Boasting 8 jade green LEDs, I’m not just shiny; I’m a luminous legend. With a length of 31 inches, I’m the longest, blingiest thing this side of the Leprechaun kingdom! 🧝✨

🎉 Strap me on and watch as I turn heads faster than a leprechaun on a skateboard. I come with three AG13 batteries, and they’re as replaceable as your ex (and way more fun at parties). 🔋😉

💃 Just give my battery pack a little tap, and I’ll flash my lights faster than a firefly in a disco! Or if you’re more the ‘slow dance’ type, I’ve got a steady glow that says, ‘I’m here for a good time, not a long time.’ 💚🕺

🌟 Whether you’re jazzing up your costume, decking out your DIY centerpiece, or outshining everyone on the parade float, I’m your go-to for that glam green glow. 🎭✨

So let’s light up the party like it’s the Emerald Isle itself! With me around your neck, you’re not just wearing green—you’re wearing the spirit of St. Paddy’s Day, every day! 🎉🍀