LED Beacon Light Multi Color


1 $46.24
2-3 $42.49
4-7 $34.24
8-9 $29.49
10-29 $21.19
30-59 $19.14
60-119 $19.12
120-239 $19.09
240-479 $19.08


This battery operated commercial quality LED Beacon Light utilizes 20 ultra bright Multicolored LEDs in a unique arrangement that simulates the rotating look. When mounted on a wall or ceiling, a “rayed” pattern effect is projected!

The LED Beacon’s Lights can be used for emergency use, farm machinery, industrial heavy machinery, manufacturing, POP displays, off-road use or road side emergencies, and party decorations.

LED Color: Multi Colors

Multi Color Beacons include a powerful magnet on the bottom for easy placement. Adapter jack included for electrical installations.

Voltage: 4.5 V D/C

Alternate Power: ADAP-LLAS1000 (sold separately)

Weight: 1 lbs.

LED Beacon Lights require 4 AA batteries. Batteries are replaceable and are sold separately.

Battery life is 40 + continuous hours.

Buy AA Batteries here!