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LED Alarm Clock


🚦 Enjoy a spectrum of vibes with LED colors that transition through Red, Green, and Blue – a personal rainbow for your space!

🌟 Powered by 4 AAA batteries, these LEDs don’t just light up, they bring a color carnival to your bedside.

🔊 Never miss a beat with the AG13 batteries, keeping the clock and sound interface active and alert.

📏 Compact design alert! At 3.12″ cubed, this clock is the perfect fit for any nook, desk, or nightstand.

🎨 From dull to delightful, the AAA batteries infuse life into the LEDs, ensuring every glance at the time is a treat.

⏰ Setting up is a breeze; just pluck out the pull tabs and presto! Your time-telling sidekick is ready to roll.

🌈 Change hues as you choose; buttons underneath let you tailor the time and color to your mood.

📚 No need for guesswork. The box includes clear instructions to help you set up your colorful companion.

🔄 Battery blues be gone! Both AAA and AG13 batteries are replaceable for endless luminous time-telling.

🎵 Sound meets light – AG13 batteries ensure your alarm tones are as dependable as the time they’re keeping.

Quantity Price
1-2 $6.59
3-4 $6.57
5-9 $6.54
10-49 $6.49
50-99 $6.44
100-199 $6.39
200-499 $6.29
500-999 $6.19
1000+ $6.09

🌈 Hey there, I’m Dave, your new best buddy for all things time-related! But let’s not be formal – you can call me your personal time ninja, sneaking up on you with vibrant LED colors to brighten your day (and night)! 🥋

🌡️ With me, you’ll never have to guess if you should wear shorts or a snowsuit. At a cool 3.12 inches of pure cubic charm, I’ll tell you it’s 69.8°F outside while giving you the rainbow treatment with my mood-lit façade. I’m like that friend who always knows what to say – except I talk in temperatures and colors. 🌈➡️👖

🔋 Power me up with 4 AAA batteries, and I’ll keep my LED lights shining bright like your future. Need to keep time ticking? Just pop in 2 AG13 batteries. It’s like feeding me tiny power snacks! 🍫

⏰ Setting me up is easier than finding a matching sock on laundry day. Yank my pull tabs like you’re starting a mower, and let’s get this light show on the road! And don’t worry about squinting at tiny instructions – I come with a user manual clearer than my morning display. 📖

⏲️ Not only do I switch from red to green to blue, I’m also the cube that’ll make you the coolest cat in the room. And when it’s time to snooze, I’m the soothing light that’ll sing you to sleep without a peep. 😴

Remember, I’m not just an alarm clock; I’m an experience. A colorful, temperature-telling, time-keeping, mood-setting experience. And let’s be real, when’s the last time your phone gave you a light show before bed? Never, that’s when. 📱= 😒, Dave = 😎

So, are you ready to make time-telling a blast? Grab a Dave, and let’s light up your life!