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Large Light Party Globes Mardi Gras Parade Light Up Crewe Necklace for Fat Tuesday


💃 Mardi Gras Marvel: Dazzle the crowds with a 38-inch necklace featuring large 2-inch diameter globes, casting a white glow to rival Bourbon Street’s finest.

🌟 Illuminate in Style: Bask in the brilliance of white LED lights that bring a touch of radiance to every celebration, especially during the vibrant Mardi Gras.

🔋 Endless Celebration: With three AG13 replaceable batteries, your festive luminescence need never dim, ensuring a night as endless as your spirits.

💚💛💜 Vibrant Trio: Adorned with purple, gold, and green globes, embody the spirit of Mardi Gras with colors that stand for justice, power, and faith.

🎊 Party-Proof Design: Built for the revelry of Jazz Fest, Fat Tuesday, and beyond, this necklace is crafted to endure the wildest of festival fun.

🌕 Lunar Rival: Each bulb on this necklace mirrors the full moon’s glow, turning you into the celestial body of any nighttime event.

🎇 Grand Spectacle: The 2-inch bulbs ensure a visual impact that’s as grand as the parades, making sure you stand out in the sea of partygoers.

🌐 Global Glow: Not just for Mardi Gras, this necklace’s universal appeal makes it a radiant addition to any cultural festivity or music concert.

💡 Click & Glow: Simple activation lets you light up the fun with just a pull and a press—get ready to shine without any complex instructions.

🎭 Theatrical Flair: Perfect for those who love the spotlight, this necklace adds a dramatic flair to costumes, dance numbers, and theatrical performances.

Quantity Price
1-5 $3.19
6-11 $3.14
12-71 $3.09
72-143 $3.04
144-287 $2.99
288-503 $2.89
504-1007 $2.79
1008+ $2.69

Hey there, I’m Jen, the queen of Mardi Gras bling, and I’m here to light up your festivities like the star I am! 🌟💡

Picture this: a necklace so bold, it makes the moon jealous. That’s me! With my jumbo-sized, color-popping globes in majestic purple, regal amber, and lively green, I’m the Fat Tuesday accessory you never knew you needed. Each globe is like a mini planet, and I’m the solar system of party fashion. 🪐✨

I don’t just hang around your neck; I orbit your fabulous self, emitting a white light so bright, you’ll be guiding ships to shore. With a simple click, my LED cores come alive, powered by three AG13 batteries (totally replaceable, because I’m eco-conscious like that). 🍃🔋

Let’s talk size, because in the world of Mardi Gras, bigger is definitely better. I’m a grand 38 inches of pure, unadulterated fun, and each of my globes is a whopping 2 inches in diameter. That’s right, I’m not just a necklace; I’m a statement. 💥

And for those who worry about complexity, fear not! I’m as easy to operate as a Mardi Gras float is to spot. Just remove that pull tab and press my button—voilà, you’re the conductor of a light-up symphony. 🎶

So whether you’re grooving at Jazz Fest, throwing beads on Bourbon Street, or just bringing the house down at your local shindig, I’m the glowing companion you need. Because why just walk into a party when you can make an entrance that’ll be remembered until next Mardi Gras? 🎉

I’m not just for Mardi Gras though; take me out for concerts, festivals, or any event where the dress code reads: “Unforgettable.” Trust me, with me around your neck, you’ll be the beacon of style and fun. 💃🕺

In short, I’m the Large Light Party Globes Mardi Gras Parade Light Up Crewe Necklace for Fat Tuesday, and I’m not just an accessory—I’m the life of the party. Now, let’s get lit (in the most family-friendly way possible) and show them how we celebrate Mardi Gras with light and laughter! 😂🎆