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Jesus The Last Supper Commemorative Coin Gold


🌟 Iconic Jesus portrait on the face, a daily reminder of faith and inspiration.

🍽️ Vivid 3D Last Supper scene on reverse, showcasing Da Vinci’s masterpiece.

✨ 1.57-inch diameter, a substantial piece to hold and to behold.

📏 At 0.11 inches thick, this coin exudes a solid and weighty presence.

🎨 Crafted with gold plating for a radiant finish that captures the light.

🙏 Reinforce your faith with this symbol of Jesus’s loving oversight.

🖼️ Exquisite handmade craftsmanship, ensuring each coin is a work of art.

🔍 Detailed engraving for a realistic and tactile experience of The Last Supper.

🗃️ Ideal collectible size, perfect for display in homes or personal galleries.

🛠️ 3D Masonic design that’s not just made, but meticulously sculpted.

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.29
3-5 $2.28
6-8 $2.27
9-11 $2.26
12-47 $2.25
48-95 $2.24
96-239 $2.19
240-479 $2.14
480+ $2.09

Behold the shining beacon of divine thrift-store chic, the Jesus The Last Supper Commemorative Coin Gold! 🌟💰

I’m not your average round hunk of metal, folks. I’m the coin that turns water into… well, more coins if you believe hard enough! 🍷➡️💰

With a diameter that rivals the roundness of Saint Peter’s bald spot and a thickness as robust as the holy bread, I’m gold-plated salvation that fits right in your pocket! 😇👖

On one side, you’ve got my face – Jesus, or as I like to call it, “The Original J.C. Selfie.” 🤳 And on the flip side? A 3D version of The Last Supper that’s more stuffed than the Last Supper itself! 🍽️👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

Carry me around, and you’ll have a piece of art so divine, even Judas would trade his thirty silver coins back for me. 😏🪙

Looking to reinforce your faith during those shaky moments? I’m your coin. Earthquake? Hold onto me, and you might just get that spiritual balance. 🌍⚖️

My handcrafted 3D masonry is so exquisite, even the angels are jealous. Sorry, Gabriel, no trade-ins. 🚫😇

Suitable as a collectible? I’d say I’m essential. Imagine showing me off at your next bible study. “Oh this old thing? Just a token of my faith!” 😄📖

In uncertain times, when your GPS loses signal, I’m the compass that points to the pearly gates. Directionally and spiritually! 🧭🏰

So, get yourself the coin that’s been in the holy presence of Jesus and his twelve pals – a shiny memento of faith and fine dining. Bon Appétit, believers! 🙏🍽️

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
last supper of Jesus Christ

I trade these if a student memorizes a verse of scripture I give them. They get a week or more and if they are successful, they receive a coin for their work.

Donald Holmes

Have not received the order so it is difficult to give any opinion

Timothy Retzlaff
Jesus Last Supper coins. I was very

I was very pleased with every thing.

Dorothy Dowels

Great for young adults that are believers.

Chadwick C. Samples
GLORY to the son of god


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