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Island Girl Tropical Flower Crown Lei Headband Green for Mardi Gras


🌺 Island Girl Lumi-Luau Tropical Flower Crown: Your must-have accessory to rock the Coachella festival with style and flair! 🎡

🌴 Channel your inner island goddess with our beautiful, tropical-inspired design. 🏝️

💚 Green LED lights: Illuminate your look and dazzle the crowd as you dance the night away! ✨

🔋 Powered by (3) AG13 batteries: Enjoy hours of glowing fun with replaceable batteries. 🔄

🌟 Dimensions: 8″ diameter (unstretched) ensures a comfortable fit for every head size. 👩‍🦰

🍃 Lightweight design: At just 0.052 lbs, feel free to dance without being weighed down! 🕺

🌈 Flexible fit: Adapts to your head shape so you can groove comfortably all night. 💃

🌸 Tropical flower crown: Stand out from the crowd with our eye-catching, colorful flowers. 🌼

💡 Bright green LEDs: Make a bold fashion statement, lighting up the desert night. 🌵

🍀 Eco-friendly choice: Feel good about your fashion decisions, knowing you’re making a sustainable choice. 🌳

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.19
3-5 $2.17
6-8 $2.14
9-11 $2.12
12-47 $2.09
48-95 $2.07
96-191 $2.04
192-575 $1.99
576-1151 $1.94
1152+ $1.89

Aloha, my sun-kissed party animals! 🌞 Prepare to be blown away by the “Island Girl Lumi-Luau Tropical Flower Crown Lei Headband Green”! I’m not just a pretty face; I’m your ticket to becoming the ultimate showstopper at Coachella this year! 🌈

Why am I so certain? Because I’m the most radiant flower crown you’ll ever meet! With my mesmerizing green LED lights, I’ll turn you into a walking, dancing tropical paradise right in the midst of the desert sands. Get ready to charm everyone around you with your ethereal glow! ✨ And I’m not just about beauty – I’m practical too! My three AG13 batteries are easily replaceable, ensuring we can dance the night away without missing a beat. We’re an unstoppable force of light and fun! 🎉

Let’s talk about my size – I’m an 8″ diameter headband (unstretched) that’s as flexible as a palm tree in the breeze. I’ll fit comfortably around your head, providing the perfect finishing touch to your festival outfit. We’ll sway in perfect harmony! 🌴

Guess what? I’m a featherweight, tipping the scales at a mere 0.052 lbs! You’ll be free to dance, jump, and groove without even noticing I’m there as I illuminate your path through the festival grounds. We’re a match made in Coachella heaven! 💫 Picture us together, lighting up the festival landscape and capturing the hearts of everyone we meet. We’ll be the dynamic duo of Coachella, inspiring envy and admiration with our luminous presence. Get your cameras ready! 📸

And, as if that wasn’t enough, I’m a fierce advocate for the environment! Sporting my green LEDs isn’t the only way I show my love for Mother Earth. You can rock your Island Girl Lumi-Luau Tropical Flower Crown Lei Headband Green with pride, knowing you’re making a planet-friendly fashion statement. 🌍

Can you feel the anticipation building? I’m ecstatic to join you on this journey to Coachella stardom! We’re destined to create unforgettable memories, and I can’t wait to be your crowning achievement. 🏆

Don’t hesitate – embrace your Island Girl Lumi-Luau Tropical Flower Crown Lei Headband Green now, and let’s paint the desert with our vibrant energy. I’ll see you at Coachella, my shining superstar! 🌟🌵


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