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Huge Electronic Ball Mood Ring


  • 🌈 Add a dash of magic to your ensemble with our Magic Orb LED Deco Ball Ring! Experience a slow, mesmerizing change of colors for a dazzling light show right on your finger. 🌟
  • 💡 Powered by 2 non-replaceable CR1616 batteries, Boya ensures you’ll shine bright throughout your entire party. Never worry about running out of shine! 🔋
  • 🎪 Perfect for various events, be it clubbing, concerts, raves, or Mardi Gras! Make your night unforgettable with Boya. 🎉
  • 👗 Not just a piece of jewelry, but a fashion statement! Boya offers you a unique, trendy accessory that’s sure to turn heads. 💅
  • 💃 With a weight of just 0.045 lbs and a diameter of 1.32″, Boya is light, comfortable, and convenient. Wear the night with no strain at all! 🕺
  • 👌 One size fits most! No need to worry about finding the right size. Boya promises to sit comfortably on any finger. 🤏
  • 💎 With a combination of Red, Blue, and Green LED lights, Boya offers an enchanting spectacle of colors right on your finger. 🚥
  • 💡 Easy activation! Just remove the pull tab, press the button underneath the orb, and witness Boya come to life! 🎆
  • 🎁 The perfect gift for those who love to stand out! Give them a unique, mood-lit accessory that’s sure to make them the life of the party! 🥳
  • 🌟 A blend of technology, fashion, and fun, Boya, the Magic Orb LED Deco Ball Ring, is your ticket to an unforgettable night of light, color, and celebration! 🎇
Quantity Price
1-2 $1.99
3-5 $1.97
6-8 $1.94
9-11 $1.92
12-71 $1.89
72-143 $1.87
144-287 $1.84
288-575 $1.79
576+ $1.74

Hello there, it’s me – your radiant, little Magic Orb LED Deco Ball Ring! 🌟✨ Or you can call me Boya, isn’t it cute? 😄

I’m a tiny light show that loves to PARTY! 🥳 With my dazzling Red, Blue, and Green lights, I’m all about creating that PERFECT atmosphere! Concerts, raves, Mardi Gras – count me in! 🎉

You like fashion? Well, let me tell you, honey, I’m not just a ring, I’m a statement! 💅✨ Whether you’re strutting your stuff in the club or dancing your heart out at a festival, I’ll make sure you’re the center of attention! 🕺💃

Did I mention that I come with two non-replaceable CR1616 batteries? That’s right, I’m no ordinary piece of jewelry – I’m powered up for fun! 💡🔋

My orb is 1.32″ in diameter and I weigh just 0.045 lbs, so you’ll barely feel me while you’re out there, living it up! 😎 But don’t worry, I’m a one size fits all type of ring, so I promise to be the perfect fit for everyone! 👌

To bring me to life, all you have to do is remove my pull tab and press the button underneath my orb. The best part? I only have one light function, and it’s the coolest – slow color change lights! 🌈💍

So, come on, let’s light up the night and make some unforgettable memories together! 🎆🎇

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