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Heart Shaped Non Light Up Red Hand Fan


❤️Flaunt eco-friendly love with me, no batteries needed I’m all about that sustainable charm and hand-powered breeze 🌿❤️

❤️Perfectly sized for a personal breeze at 7.75″ x 11.5″, I’m the right choice for comfort and convenience in one 📏💨

❤️Embrace simplicity with my no-fuss design lighting up lives not with LEDs but with pure, unadulterated affection 💖🚫💡

❤️Effortless to use and easy to love, I’m the heartfelt accessory that won’t leave you searching for spare batteries 🔄🚫🔋

❤️My wooden handle provides a sturdy grip for all your fanning needs, making me a reliable companion on warm days 🌡️✊

❤️Designed to be light-up free, I offer a timeless charm that stands out without the need for flashy effects 🕰️🚫✨

❤️My dimensions make me the perfect canvas for love notes or event branding, all while keeping you cool 💬🍃

❤️With me, you get all the feels without the frills, a pure expression of love in a simple, yet elegant hand fan 💞📜

❤️Crafted for lovebirds and tree-huggers alike, I’m a symbol of love that’s as eco-conscious as it is heartwarming 🦜💚

❤️Let your love story unfold with a wave of me, your heart-shaped fan that speaks volumes in the silence of a gentle breeze 📖💭

Quantity Price
1-7 $1.39
8-9 $1.38
10-11 $1.37
12-71 $1.36
72-143 $1.34
144-287 $1.32
288-575 $1.30
576-998 $1.29
999+ $1.19

Hello there! I’m Gio, your trusty Heart Shaped Non Light Up Red Hand Fan! 🍃❤️ And guess what? I’m here to sweep you off your feet while keeping you cool – no batteries required!

In a world full of tech, I’m bringing it back to basics. With my 7.75″ x 11.5″ dimensions, I’m just the right size to fit into your life – and your handbag. 🎒

Forget those high-tech gadgets with their endless charging – I’m powered by good old-fashioned wrist action! Give me a wave and feel the breeze, as refreshing as a new romance. 💃
My job? To raise awareness, spirits, and yes, a little wind too! I’m perfect for fundraisers, because who needs another pen when you can have a fan with personality? 🌬️💰

Weddings? I’m your fan. Show the love for the happy couple with a flurry of hearts that says, ‘You’ve got this!’ without saying a word. 💑

So, whether you’re at a sunny picnic, a stuffy room, or just want to send some subtle signals to your crush across the room (I’m looking at you, hot stuff), I’m your fan. Literally. 😏

I’m durable, I’m practical, and let’s be honest – I’m pretty darn cute. Plus, I’m the one accessory that won’t give you a tech neck. Look up from your phones and look into the eyes of your loved ones with me in hand! 👀

So this Valentine’s season, or any season really, let’s make things a little more heart-felt and a lot more air-cooled with me, Gio – the fan that’s fanning the flames of love without burning out! ❤️🔥

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